We speak Mother Tongue. This is the language of the communities you serve.

Implementing impactful community initiatives to promote self-sufficiency, empowerment, and equity is just the beginning. It's time to tell your story and make your social change impact count.

At PivotPath, we develop and implement effective communications strategies that
aid organizations in telling their stories to evoke positive behavior change and promote social unity.

Who We Serve

Local, State and Federal Government Agencies

Community Foundations & NonProfit Organizations

Intergovernmental Organizations

Agencies and organizations like yours do good work, for the good of people.
We make sure stakeholders and strategic partners understand and embrace it. 

Our Experience

Group of people and communication network concept. Human resources. Teamwork of business. Partnership.

Creating positive experiences is what we do.

Communications are essential to helping organizations engage and build stronger relationships with their audiences. In the modern-day world, just disseminating your message is not enough. Accessibility to your messaging is essential to building a trustworthy relationship. Communication needs to be oriented to the audience—creating an experience that EDUCATES, ENGAGES & EMPOWERS them. 

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

Mayor of Freetown

“As a municipality, we know the importance of reaching your residents, visitors, and strategic partners. I recommend PivotPath for strategic marketing and communications through which the team can contribute their remarkable creativity and dedication.”

Together, we can move your messaging, and your goals, forward.

PivotPath. Find a new direction.

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