PivotPath is an esteemed, award-winning global communications and media agency that serves local, state, and federal agencies, NGOs, multilateral and nonprofit organizations across North America, West Africa, and Europe. 

We speak Mother Tongue, the language of the communities you serve. With offices in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, our innovative approach empowers client partners to increase visibility, foster meaningful connections and drive positive change. 

As behavior change communicators, our mission is to deliver innovative and effective marketing strategies that raise consciousness and inspire people and connect them to transformative ideas, stories, and services that elevate their quality of life.

Who We Serve​

As a Government Contracting Officer for a State/Federal Agency, I want to...
Find media partners to drive positive behavioral change and foster lasting collaborations.
In my role as a City Manager, I want to...
Strengthen community relationships and expand our engagement to better serve our residents.
As a Project Director for a National or International Organization, I want to...
Increase the visibility and impact of our programs while enriching community experiences to forge sustainable investments.
In my capacity as a Program Director for a Nonprofit, I want to...
Enhance the well-being of our communities and broaden our impact through meaningful partnerships and initiatives.

Notable Client Partnerships

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