PivotPath is an award-winning global brand marketing and communications firm serving organizations across North America and West Africa. We help teams understand and embrace Mother Tongue, providing them with the ability to engage stakeholders with distinctive empathy and authenticity. Our team understands the complexities of underrepresented communities and effectively bridges the gaps many communicators struggle with.

As your communications liaisons, key factors must be realized to be effective – what needs to communicated, how will it be communicated, when should two-way engagement begin and how is impact measured?

We speak Mother Tongue – language of the multicultural communities you serve.

Implementing impactful community initiatives and communications to promote
self-sufficiency, empowerment, and equity is just the beginning.
Creative and PR services without effective tools to measure your impact will not tell your full story.

Who We Serve

Local, State and Federal Government Agencies

Community Foundations & NonProfit Organizations

Intergovernmental Organizations

Agencies and organizations like yours do good work, for the good of people.
We make sure stakeholders and strategic partners understand and embrace it. 

Our Experience

The work your organization does is critical. When it comes time to communicate, we make sure your organization and your impact is well understood and embraced.

Together, we can move your messaging, and your goals, forward.

PivotPath. Find a new direction.

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