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Global Public Safety and JailTracker software doubles website traffic and elevates conversions to increase monthly revenues through concise branded messaging developed by PivotPath.

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The Results:

For Global Public Safety, the PivotPath team launched a successful ad camp with a total of 3.5k impressions and a total click through rate of .216, outshining the average CTR of .05-.1% for the publication. The campaign also increased the net promoter score (NPS) by over 13%. 


The PivotPath team conducted a website analysis for, and developed SEO-optimized content, created an Adword strategy, highlighting keywords that would best resonate with their audience. This resulted in doubling their monthly website traffic leading to truly targeted prospects. JailTracker also increased their conversion rate of .028, dramatically increasing their monthly revenue.


Since teaming up with PivotPath, Global Public Safety and JailTracker have seen remarkable results. Their sales team is reaching more prospects, having more tailored discussions with potential clients, and obtaining more sales than ever before.


Global Public Safety and JailTracker software had a limited marketing strategy that revolved around a website and random email campaigns. They knew they were leaving money on the table because they lacked a strong online strategy and consistent messaging. They were looking for ways to increase their marketing presence and thus, sales of their software to increase revenues.

About the Client:

Global Public Safety and JailTracker are the nation’s leading public safety software companies. These two entities are sister companies under the Harris Computer Corporation. Global Public Safety has been in business 20 years and services over 750 customers in 28 states. Their software solutions supports law enforcement agencies of all kinds. JailTracker is a product of GPS, and is the industry’s leading jail management solution. It’s a proven system that has been successfully deployed and supports hundreds of jails nationwide. PivotPath partnered with these business units, by serving as their in-house marketing department, since July 2018.


The Challenge:

Global Public Safety and JailTracker software found challenges in reaching target audiences, a lack of customer retention, and inconsistent branding to recreate loyalty and trust. They sought a solution to generate and nurture leads in a much more strategic and structured way.

The Solution:

PivotPath assisted with creating a consistent narrative, increasing online traffic, and generating leads that resulted in higher sales and revenues. 

The PivotPath team started with logo development and branding across all marketing channels. We worked closely with Global Public Safety and JailTracker’s sales team to deliver relevant messaging to its prospective markets. We increased organic and paid online traffic through SEO, Adwords campaigns and identification of keywords to Increase overall traffic. 

PivotPath also supports Global Public Safety & JailTracker with trade show coordination, event management, email campaigns, and direct mail, and additional digital and traditional marketing initiatives.


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