Core Technology

Core Technology realized the power of updated branding through concise branded messaging and imaging developed by PivotPath. 


Core Technology strongly believed they lacked a strong online presence with an antiquated website and minimal digital marketing efforts.  They were looking for ways to increase their online marketing presence to take their business to the next level. 

The Solution:

By hiring PivotPath as their digital marketing agency, Core Technology avoided the cost of trial and error of running their own campaigns, getting their team up to speed, spending time and company resources on maintaining their content consistency. PivotPath implemented consistent branding, an updated website and conducted email marketing campaigns. 

The Results:

Creating a consistent brand and updating Core Technology’s website, PivotPath boosted their online visibility, and created immediate value that correlated to their already innovative solutions. Targeting both desktop and mobile traffic allowed us to boost conversion rates, and provide tracking for Core Technology’s digital marketing efforts. 

PivotPath conducted four back-to-back email marketing campaigns averaging a 33% open rate. 

The results achieved by PivotPath gave Core Technology the understanding of how marketing channels work together, and how to optimize their marketing spend to get better ROI.


About the Client:

Core Technology, a business unit of Harris Computers, is the leading public safety software company located in Lansing, Michigan. The company has been in business 39 years, has 114 data exchange systems, and works with over 600 law enforcement agencies. Their software aids law enforcement agencies in getting critical data to officers on-demand allowing users to make informed decisions. It also provides data exchange to allow better agency-wide communication. PivotPath partnered with Core Technology, by serving as their in-house marketing department, since July 2018.


The Challenge:

Core Technology’s website was out-dated and did not set the stage for long-term value to its prospective clients. Their digital marketing strategies were minimal, which left them without options to fully target prospects. 

Former Website
Revamped Website by PivotPath

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