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SolisLabs is the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements. They are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice – created by the FDA) recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products with plants in Atlanta, Georgia,and San Diego, California. PivotPath has provided marketing services for SolisLabs since July 2018.

The Challenge:

SolisLabs was like a diamond in the rough. They provided high-end manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements to their customers, but did not invest the same efforts into their own marketing strategies. They required a higher digital presence to elevate them in the marketplace. 

The Solution:

PivotPath created and developed organic strategies for SolisLabs social media which included engagement, keyword and hashtag research and posting, sharing trending industry topics, blogs with backlinks for SEO, and influencer campaign development to assist in bringing more prospects to the table. The PivotPath team also updated the website copy to resonate with buyers, and implemented effective email campaigns to increase conversions. 

The Results:

Within 4 months, SolisLabs’ engagement increased by over 2400% and conversions (website clicks and lead forms) up by 83%. These results speak for themselves. 

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