9 Prediction Trends for Digital Marketing in 2019

As we roll into 2019 we can be certain of one thing in digital marketing – it is growing! For anyone using digital marketing tools or learning more about this evolving industry, this is an exciting time.

Here are 9 digital marketing trends for 2019 that will help your business or nonprofit in its marketing strategy this year:

  • Digital Ad spending will continue to rise as markets move away from traditional  marketing. This growth is mainly attributable to Google, which accounts for 71.0% of the US search ad market.
  • Predictive analytics tools are becoming more of a way companies determine best practices for digital marketing strategies.
  • Brand personalization online will be critical for maximizing user experience. More efforts will go towards tailoring the overall digital experience to the needs of the targeted audience(s).
  • Although many sites have a search bar on a home or blog page, there will be more ‘behind the scenes’ search tool options (I.E. Coveo) that determine smarter returns on searches.
  • Video ads will grow. For instance, customers spend more time watching videos than reading content. As a result, ad spend is expected to be $20 billion this year.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise. From content creation to effective user engagement, utilizing AI can tremendously improve the efficiency of your company.
  • Enhancing mobile experience will continue to be a critical element in web design especially with a rise in financial apps. For instance, Fintech companies are growing presence, making transactional items easier and faster on mobile devices.
  • You will see a incline in chat-bot contact for customer support solutions.
  • Social media and feeds are continuing to grow increasingly important in digital marketing. Therefore, companies can expect more creative tools to expand engagement, and increase reach and sales.

To combat the wave of changes expected this year, PivotPath notes these top trends that are predicted to define and guide marketing efforts, and helps clients create actionable marketing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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