[Infographic] Google Analytics: Increase Your Reach by 50%

5 Key Tracking Metrics to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence

Google analytics is a necessary evil for many small businesses. Many companies have the bootstrap code affixed to their site, but barely leverage it due to its perceived high level technicalities. Although this might be true for some, neglecting the data it houses is not recommended.  In fact, this data can be essential in growing and strengthening your business and increase your leads and sales.

Here are 5 key metrics to boost your business

  1. Demographics: This metric identifies who visits your site and provides a better understanding of who your users are. Importantly, it can help you craft your online content and communication style with new and existing customers.
  2. Location: Knowing where your visitors are can play a key part in more targeted marketing and advertising and understanding who you are reaching.
  3. Site traffic: It is extremely critical to understand which online channel generates the most traffic to your site. This is essential when determining which strategies effectively bring the most visitors to your website and provides a solid direction on where to focus or improve.
  4. Referral Sources: This metric helps you understand the strength of user engagement. It can serve as a guide on the engagement on your social outlets.
  5. Behavior: Tailoring your site to maximize User Experience is vital for retention and growth. “Behavior” helps you understand where to refine features and content, and how to create a brand and product that is useful to your targeted audience.

Google Analytics is an important tool to help you make strategic decisions for your business. At PivotPath, metrics from this tool provide directional data and allow us to aid in increasing your reach. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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