7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success

Over the years, Facebook has continued to attract new users. This has become an extremely beneficial tool for data collected and analytics.

When using Facebook advertising tools, here are keys to increase your chances of a successful ad campaign:

  1. Understand your audience: Aligning with your targeted customers is key element when creating a highly targeted campaign. Moreover, leverage specific data captured by Facebook to connect with your audience.
  2. Understand your goals: This helps you analyze what you are tracking or, possibly, where your company might be missing the mark. From there, you can adjust your campaign and as a result, increase accuracy of customer acquisition.
  3. Truly understand the needs of your key audience(s): Users in the marketplace have needs, and your product/service is the solution. Certainly understanding this attracts targeted leads with greater chances of becoming customers.
  4. Targeting Options: Facebook created this tool as a guide to understanding the various options available (here) on the platform. This is based on the analytical metrics specific to your business.
  5. Understanding you Facebook sales funnel: Evaluating this data is critical, as it provides key intelligence to improving current and future campaigns to increase sales and reach.
  6. Optimizing your campaigns: This is extremely important and can increase your ads click-through rates, increase sales, reach more high-return of investment (ROI) audiences, and more!
  7. Call to Action – Who doesn’t love a good CTA? When including one in your advertising, make sure provide clear messaging for customers to put into action (i.e. “Convert More Sells”, “Want Him to Notice You?”, “Free A/B Test Case Study!”)

Facebook may have lost some popularity overtime, but still houses some of the most customer data. Interested in enhancing your Facebook advertising?Contact us today to learn how we can support your company or nonprofit!

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