Low Budget? No Problem! How to Market on a Budget

As a small business owner or nonprofit founder, you’ve probably discovered that marketing is an essential part of your strategic business plan. You’re probably also aware of how marketing costs can add up when positioning your brand to maximize online exposure. If this automatically creates anxiety for you, don’t worry. We have you covered!

Whether you have a large marketing budget and ample time on your hands, or are just doing the best with the resources you have, we have several proven (and easily implemented) marketing tips that you can use to boost conversions, connect with your audience, and save you a pretty penny.

Implement a Content Marketing Plan

Content is king in the marketing space. As the great Seth Godin put it, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left”. There is power in the connectivity created through targeted and strategic content. Presenting rich and relevant content about your product or services to your targeted audience can greatly increase your marketing mileage. Marketing is not just about pitching or landing a sale; it is about telling a story, your story. As mentioned in our e-book “The Art of Storytelling”, by engaging your client base – your audience – with compelling stories, you will turn detached potential leads skimming across your marketing materials into devoted customers who engage, share, and promote your content. Also, with every piece of content written and shared, always include a call to action (CTA) statement or button that converts.

Make Social Media Your Bestie

Let’s take a test! Pull out your phone (if you’re reading this from your mobile, you’ve already passed step 1!). Now, look at the apps on your phone. Without thinking too deeply, open the first social media app you notice on your screen. Congrats! You are one of the 3.2 billion active social media users, which is approximately 42% of the world’s population.

Social media is hands down one of the most effective ways to interact with your target audience. With relevant content built into a strategic social media plan/calendar, engagements with prospective clients can enhance your digital presence and build brand trust.

Just like in any digital marketing activity, content planning is key to a successful social media campaign. There are many [free] automation tools that schedule and publish posts on multiple social media accounts. These tools also provide analytical data and custom reports that help to improve your engagements and overall strategy. At some point, when you are ready to take it up a notch financially, you can boost your posts by taking a stab at paid social ads, intended to increase your reach.

Embrace Email Marketing

Email has been around for decades, but it would be a mistake to write off its power as a marketing tool. In the Stone Ages of 2001 (the same year Apple introduced the first iPod), marketers were forced to cold email prospects one by one in hopes of converting them into sales. Subsequently the same year, MailChimp was founded, and, the amazing world of email marketing tools and automation software was born. With just a few imports and clicks, bulk emails that are personalized, trackable and intimate are generated and sent to all subscribers on your mailing list, saving much of your time and increasing your brand presence. But you probably know this.

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons:

  • 3.7 billion email users globally
  • 86% of professionals say email is preferred form of communication
  • 80% of email users check on mobile devices

We can learn through funneling, testing, and tracking just about everything it takes to technically optimize our audience’s response to our emails.

Create and Share Videos

Most people can process only a certain amount of text information each day.

Users scrolling through a page often gloss over words only to stop and watch a shared video, which can be less strenuous and more entertaining. Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram have made video marketing very affordable with the “live” button feature. Simply hit the button and start broadcasting! Introduce yourself, your brand, and share your message with a world (including a CTA of course).

Get Serious About Your Online Reputation

There’s no business as good as the word of mouth.

Establishing key connections and building a strong external network can do wonders. Ask your clients write testimonials/review on the wonderful service(s) you’ve provided them. By adding these to your website, Google My Business page, or other online channels, others will gain confidence in your brand and will be more willing to seek your products/services.

Being confident in your organization’s direction is key to a successful marketing program no matter what your budget is. You have to start somewhere, right? Taking advantage of the open source tools and software in the market might just be a good starting point. Converted by your message, your client base will want to share what they’ve found.

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