PivotPath’s Women In Business Feature: Dr. Lexx Brown-James

PivotPath is honored to present the first Women In Business feature! Today, we shine a spotlight on Dr. Lexx Brown-James.

Dr. Brown-James is a certified sexuality educator and licensed marriage and family therapist. In St. Louis, MO she owns a private practice and contracts with various organizations regarding reproductive justice and accessible, comprehensive, intersectional, and anti-oppressive sexuality education. As an LMFT and CSE, she merges the educational and therapy worlds to help others find their way as sexuality professionals. As a professor at Widener University, she has had the pleasure of teaching budding sexologists, senior sexologists and various types of clinicians. Further, as a consultant, she has had the pleasure to educate counselors, educators, and therapists around the globe.

As a small business owner, Dr. Brown-James has encountered a few challenges on her journey, especially in the realm of marketing and business development. PivotPath founder, Elizabeth Oke, asked Dr. Brown-James about these obstacles and ways she’s overcome(ing) them.

A major challenge as a business owner is trusting others with my business. I get asked all the time by people who want to come in and work with clients or do something with sexuality and I struggle to relinquish any power over to them. A secondary challenge can be selling my skillset. There are times when people do not realize that sexuality is all encompassing and get caught up on just the first three letters of sexuality.

Dr. Lexx Brown-James

To overcome the first challenge, I strategically marketed for an intern regarding programs. This way I could share my business with someone and the more vulnerable part of my business ( my clientele) were not as risk, but we were able to create sex positive, inclusive programming. To overcome my second challenge, I started building referral bridges across diverse businesses through cold-emails, networking events, and word of mouth.

Dr. Lexx Brown-James

Supporting small businesses and nonprofits is an act that acknowledges the tremendous risk and challenges that come from following your dream, pushing your creativity into a business, and starting your own your thing. PivotPath realizes these realities and serves as a median to alleviate these challenges by providing brand development, content management, and social media marketing services, customized to fit your specific budget. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you discover your audience and connect them to your Story.

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