Ways your Small Business can Market and Capitalize this Mother’s Day

As May 12th draws near, you can hear the $20 billion sales train approaching, presenting many opportunities to capitalize this Mother’s Day season –  cha-ching! With the right plan, you can attract customers to your brand by alluring them with product pictures and promotional ads.

Interestingly, studies also show most wait until the very last minute to purchase gifts. As a fellow member of the Late Holiday Gift Committee (LHGC), our procrastination can definitely benefit online marketers and businesses as we perplexedly turn to the internet powers that be for advice on what to buy.

With this in mind, here are five ways you can market and capitalize to give your Mother’s Day sales a boost:

1.Create a Gift Guide

Many shoppers have no clue what to get mom for Mother’s Day, making gift hunting a rewarding experience only when a gift is found (after countless hours and sleepless nights on Pinterest and Google). With Mother’s Day a stone’s throw away, late shoppers are starting to worry about how they can surprise their moms this year. And a gift guide is the answer.

This can be an infographic, blog post, email newsletter; the possibilities are endless… Well, kind of. Once you have the gift guide ready, share it with your audience and they will be forever grateful – at least until next year.

2.Craft Content for Multiple Targeted Audiences — and Multiple Gift Recipients

Unlike Valentine’s Day, many shoppers buy gifts for multiple mothers in their lives — mother, wife, grandmother, Godmother, aunt. With a larger, more diverse pool of customers shopping for Mother’s Day, customize your marketing efforts for different targeted audiences. Content geared towards a husband seeking a gift for his wife will be much different than that of a grandson shopping for his grandmother. Therefore, segmenting the Mother’s Day audience and adjusting the marketing messaging for ads and promotional offers is key.

3.Run a “Best Mom Ever” Contest

Contests are a great way to not only show moms love and appreciation for all they do, but also a way to increase your company’s online presence and traffic on social media.

Many users have special memories of times when the mom(s) in their lives went above and beyond, doing something amazing for their family or a loved one. Create a contest that solicits stories, photos, or recipes, etc. Present each entrant with a discount offer for any Mother’s Day purchase (extending the promo for members of LHGC), or reward the winners of the contest with a complimentary prize pack filled with goodies.

4.Offer free shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping? Your E-Commerce store will receive plenty of action by providing shoppers a good reason to purchase. Present a free shipping offer for gift purchases eligible for a fixed period of time. Emailing the offer to your mailing list, in addition to requesting email addresses from interested shoppers could also grow your subscribers list. It will be advantageous to include gift ideas and pictures of hot, trending ticket items in the messaging as well!

5.Re-engage Existing Customers

Holiday weekends are a great time to wake up subscribers who have seemingly fallen into the abyss. After all, sweet deals are always appreciated.

This can help you increase the engagement for future campaigns and also help with the necessary “Spring Cleaning” of your list, segmenting subscribers who are totally inactive (hopefully this isn’t the case). If anything, this can also be a time to sit, study and understand the needs of your subscribers, and perhaps, analyze your email content. Is your messaging engaging or attractive? Is the call to action (CTA) clear? This is a good time to make a concentrated effort to convert them.

If you’ve read this article and now have tons of marketing ideas you’d like to implement but no time, don’t freight. Our PivotPath team is more than delighted to help create and manage any last minute marketing techniques you seek. Let us take care of connecting your audience and capturing sales this Mother’s Day while you take care of doing what you love: running your business!

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