Charity Friday Feature: Lift Up

This week, we highlight a nonprofit extremely dear to our hearts: Lift Up.

Lift Up is a nonprofit organization that allocates 100% of public donations away. Donors can choose which project 100% of their funds are allocated to, and see the impact their generosity makes around the world. Lift Up’s mission is to “Lift Up tangible projects with the greatest impact around the world”, with a vision of “[exist(ing)] to bring healing to a hurting world.

The organization caught our eye with its heart-felt storytelling and social media marketing. Lift Up uses Social media, Google AdWords and the hashtag #LiftUpFridays, a day where donors share and spread awareness of the organization’s impact, posting Lift Up’s swag on their personal pages. This marketing strategy not only helps spread the nonprofit’s societal impact, but also increases the viewership, followers, and enhanced branding.

Learn more about this amazing organization at weliftup.org!

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