PivotPath’s #CharityFriday Features: Focus Our Future

Focus Our Future, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps student-athletes prepare for life after sport for the betterment of communities around the world.

The organization’s goal is to offer services that assist student-athletes with their transition from sport to life-after-sports by exercising our organizational values to be the B.E.S.T: (Blessing to others; Encourage student-athletes; Share time and resources; Teach others)

Their Story

In 2013, Greg Ford challenged Kevin Watson, a young aspiring Track and Field coach, former student-athlete and working professional. Greg wanted Kevin to make a difference in the lives of the student-athletes that he trains. He not only called Kevin to help athletes in sport but assist the athletes outside of the sport. After some consideration, Kevin became inspired to support student-athletes in and out of their respective sports. As a result, they created an organization that addressing the needs of student-athletes. These areas are focused on while they are in school in addition to after they finish participating in their respective sports.

Photo Cred: Focus Our Future

Today, Focus Our Future, Inc. exists with programs such as Focus Our Future (r) Program and Future Flyers.

Focus Our Future has an extremely robust digital footprint, utilizing their website and social media to maximize their online presence. The up-to-date website provides a host of information ranging from project pictures, press releases, videos (website and Youtube), publications, and features. The organization was also featured in a the Richmond Free Press, leading to an acknowledgement from Jennifer McClellan, a member of the Senate of Virginia 9th District for their community leadership.

In addition to their digital presence, Focus Our Future also utilizes the power of volunteers through recruitment from VolunteerMatch. Volunteers and interns are a great way to share an organization’s mission and further recruit without spending too much of the overall budget.

Photo Cred: Focus Our Future

Focus Our Future is just one example of how nonprofit organizations successfully use digital marketing to increase its online presence and improve its chances of securing new and recurring gifts from supporters and potential supporters. Whether it be via social media marketing or through videos and publications, supports are more receptive to learning about recent activities once you’ve successfully shared your story.

Let PivotPath help you share your story.

Learn more details about our programs by visiting www.focusourfuture.org.

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