Fambul Tik

Fambul Tik in Krio, lingua franca of Sierra Leone, means Family Tree, in English.  The nonprofit develop relationships with descendants of Sierra Leone around the world and engage them in meaningful activities. PivotPath embraces and enhances the “Family Tree” with Sierra Leone’s Fambul Tik heritage tours.


Fambul Tik needed marketing communications collateral to promote its credibility and visibility as they set their mark as Sierra Leone’s leading heritage tour companies. 

About the Client:

Fambul Tik is the first heritage tour company connecting descendants of Sierra Leone with the West African country. 

The Challenge:

Over the last ten years, the African tourism market has been on the rise. Several up and coming tourism companies have emerged in Freetown, Sierra Leone, thus making name recognition invaluable, especially for a new and upcoming company. 

The Solution:

PivotPath developed branded and communication materials for Fambul Tik that included a capabilities brochure and tour informational flyers. Through the brand development process, we helped Fambul Tik develop their scope of capabilities, brand consistency, visibility, and a vision for the future. 

The Results:

In 2019, PivotPath helped Fambul Tik establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, and aided in creating a historical moment by promoting the largest heritage tour the country of Sierra Leone had ever seen.

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