Guzel Kadin

Inner and outer health and wellness is what Guzel Kadin stands for. Meaning “Beautiful Woman” in Turkish, this brand embodies its purpose in creating a relaxing environment and relief from daily stresses.

Guzel Kadin


Guzel Kadin wanted to promote their natural health products to set them apart in an already inundated marketplace. 

About the Client:

Guzel Kadin is a health and wellness product manufacturer and spa located in the Lagos, Nigeria.

The Challenge:

There are hundreds of health and wellness spas in Lagos who have established their branding and elite clientele within the very populous city.  In any market, the number of health and wellness spas companies is vast, thus making name recognition invaluable, especially for a new and upcoming company. 

The Solution:

Through the strategy brand development process, PivotPath helped the brand develop sales literature for to promote the spa and natural products. identify ideal customers (targeted audience), and develop a vision for the future. 

The Results:

PivotPath helped Guzel Kadin increase its brand exposure and visibility in a memorable way, making them visible amongst the competition.

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