How Affirmations Can Help Your Business Succeed

Did you know that how you think can influence what you put into action? This is definitely relevant in the business world where thoughts, ideas, and emotions are heavily impactful on how you perceive the value and success of your company. The words that we harness reflect what we think about our marketing strategies and visions for our business. Speaking positive and motivational affirmations to yourself on a daily basis builds a successful business mindset.

What are affirmations? 

Affirmations are short, simple, and powerful expressions to evoke positive behavior into our habits, thinking patterns, and environments. When the affirming phrases are being repeated, they automatically depict mental images that are made in the subconscious which in return changes behavior. Hence, practicing affirmations helps strengthen your business mindset to act on your plans effectively and successfully.

For affirmations to be effective, it is important that the phrases have meaning, intention, and are spoken repeatedly multiple times a day. When repeating affirmations for thirty days, it produces a new habit for you to apply to your lifestyle. Understanding the effectiveness of affirmations helps you strengthen your core business values and passions that you are pursuing.

Positive Business Affirmations

  • I succeed with ease. I succeed with grace.
  • My passions enable me to keep moving forward.
  • What I did today is better than yesterday.
  • My thoughts lead me to the success I desire.
  • I love what I do and it shows by serving my customers.
  • My business goals are serving my community well.
  • I am making a difference with my business.
  • I am investing in myself and my business daily.
  • What I offer as a product/service is what people want/need.
  • I am growing to become a better entrepreneur.

How do affirmations help strengthen a business’s values?

First of all, it is vital that small business owners do not lose sight of the values and the truths of their business when building their brand. In other words, ideas and choices should mirror the values of what the business stands for in order to serve customers well. Whatever an entrepreneur chooses to believe about their business, it will stimulate the corresponding action.

In the business world, technology is increasing at an exponential rate. It is imperative that entrepreneurs stick to what they believe about their business to evolve with the digital age. Importantly, entrepreneurs will face hardships and failures in a changing business world. Hence it is vital that they persevere and adapt in any circumstance.

Again, affirmations help entrepreneurs stay above water by reverting to why they began their business in the first place. If you have a solid belief system about your business, you are able to find solutions that will strengthen your business operations. Essentially, affirmations evoke empowering beliefs about who you are and it promotes a vision of your business when facing difficult times.

So, you have a solid understanding of business-related affirmations, how does it build strategy?

Using affirmations effectively helps you steward your values and passions in the right direction for your business. With that in mind, it is important to implement your values when communicating with your customers about a certain product or service. One marketing strategy that benefits from communicating values to customers is through storytelling.

How do you want to connect with your audience in an authentic way?

For businesses to thrive, they need to connect with their audiences and customers. The art of storytelling helps customers resonate with the values that a brand promotes. Affirmations play a key role in effective storytelling because it shows what the business believes by what they put into action.

Why are beliefs important to marketing strategy?

Today, companies such as Nike and Apple succeed at promoting their values to their customers by using a shared belief system that appeals to its target audiences. Customers gravitate towards businesses that carry the same values into their lifestyles. Importantly, marketers and entrepreneurs need to genuinely communicate what they stand for through the marketing channels they use.

As an entrepreneur, whatever you stand and affirm by will greatly influence your beliefs on your business and the types of customers that will gravitate towards your beliefs. Effective storytelling helps a business’s target market understand and connect with the brand at a personal level.

How do affirmations emphasize success and action?

Now that you understand how affirmations tie with building strategy, it is up to you as an entrepreneur to sharpen your personal values and mission for your business. Writing down your affirmations helps beat self-sabotaging and negative thoughts that may be hindering your business’s success. Harnessing positive thinking is vital to move forward and move past obstacles in your business ventures. So, what you think molds your perception of reality.

Positive thinking helps your business to grow and execute your goals.

Here are a few points to consider when sticking to your affirmations.

  • Remember what your values are.
  • Reflect on why your business matters to you and your community.
  • You are in control of how you steward your thoughts.
  • Discipline is essential to affirm your goals. 
  • Your values and beliefs reflect how you will market your product/service.

Words carry so much power by how you operate on a daily basis.

In order for good marketing to continue, it is important that your business/organization stands by what you value and why you are serving those values to their consumers. Also, when obstacles arise businesses need to face them headstrong with their values in place. It is evident that affirming phrases will help keep business owners resilient on the “why” behind their company. Affirmations are a useful tool to build a successful business mindset that produces rewarding benefits for your business. Understanding and most importantly believing that your business is succeeding wins half the battle to keep your business operating. Now, give yourself time to reflect on your business goals and use that reflecting time to speak truths on how you will serve your customers best.

Thalia Rodriguez is a Communications major with a double minor in marketing and professional writing at Grand Canyon University. When she’s not practicing writing, she can be spending time with family and friends, going on hikes, or cooking delicious plant-based dishes. Check out her LinkedIn profile here to connect.

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