Why In-house brand marketing is NOT the way

As a small to medium sized enterprise, you may struggle whether you should create your own in-house marketing team or completely outsource the marketing to an agency. A few considerations come to mind while you are trying to decide. 

Though most big companies have their own in-house brand marketing teams, others prefer to leave it to the experts. According to the Wall Street Journal,  there is a rise in the demand for In-house agencies, due to some budget cutbacks. However, if you are thinking of doing the same for your business- think again. It might not be all coming up roses – as you have a few major disadvantages to consider. Here are a few reasons why:

Lack of industry experience and perspective

Frustrated with your in-house team? We can help!
Frustrated with your in-house team? We can help!

Having a team solely focused on your products and services can go both ways. Of course, there will be a strong and solid foundation of product knowledge, background and brand loyalty. However, compared to an agency, they might fall behind in terms of having flexibility in learning new ways in regards to tailoring marketing tactics and strategy for different companies. 

One of the best advantages of hiring an agency is their fresh perspective to your campaign because the ideas will be coming in from different directions. There is no one size fits all brand marketing strategy, and having a pair of fresh, unbiased eyes from the ‘outside’ always helps pivot your vision.

With PivotPath, we take pride in having worked with a dynamic list of clients, and with those experiences, we bring fresh ideas to the table – that is because we understand that each business has its own unique character and needs. We also know that your business needs to create its own identity and build a niche in your industry so we will always ensure that we will build you campaigns that are custom-fit to your marketing goals.  

Lesser HR responsibilities

In a fast-paced environment, results need to be delivered – fast. Having to onboard an in-house team takes more time (and much more money) than you might think. Not only is your business responsible for recruitment, but you also have to consider the time to do the interviews and the on-boarding. As an SMB, this will be more of a hassle than a benefit as you need to spend more time keeping the business on track rather than conducting interviews all day. Also, what if you succeed and hire an entire team of think-tanks only to find out that same new hire leaves within two weeks post-hire?  Then you have to undergo the process of hiring again. 

Hiring a dedicated firm takes off this heavyweight off your shoulders as you only need to keep track of their deliverables and spend more time implementing marketing plans and campaigns rather than manage the team yourself. PivotPath can relieve you of that worry. You can take the marketing load off and we will take care of your campaigns from start to finish, and do it all over again. We have assembled a team of marketing experts dedicated entirely to run projects, and we run it like a well-oiled machine. All you have to do and step back, relax and let us roll up our sleeves for you. 

Limited Resources

Having an in-house marketing team means you employ a small team, which might limit your business from successfully achieving goals and KPIs. Training and teaching learn new skills also costs time and money. Hiring an agency like PivotPath assures you that there is a pool of industry experts – on whatever brand marketing and copywriting service you need.

Thinking about hiring a Brand Strategy expert? We can provide you one at once and can jump in on your campaign asap- compared to having someone learn and train for the job and may result in a hit or miss. 

If you are a SMBE looking for an innovative, out of the box firm delivering fast results and premium products and services at value pricing, look no further. Our goal is for you to help you achieve your goals. We will focus on your brand with the same passion and dedication as we do with ours. 

Reach out to us today, and let us know how we can help you tell your story.

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