Alimamy Conteh

Alimamy is an Administrator and Market Researcher with a 5 years of experience in the administrative, retail, brand, and digital marketing industries. He has in-depth knowledge and use of computer software, including Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics. Alimamy is a team player with extreme attention to detail and the ability to multitask within fast-paced environments.

His work experience with PivotPath as a Marketing Research Intern in October 2019. He has participated in several projects for the company, including overseeing Net Promoter Score surveys for the international technology acquisition company Harris Computers.

Alimamy is also a Fleet Management & Analysis Specialist for the United States Air Force Reserve. He has overseen many fleet management projects for the unit and monitored and coordinated vehicles on military construction projects. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Delaware State University and is currently pursuing his Masters In Data Analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

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