Amanda Clemens

Amanda Clemens is a Sierra Leonean Communications Specialist with over four years of experience in Advertising, Public Relations and Communications. She has worked in several capacities such as news anchoring, TV show presenting, show productions, script development, public relations and voice acting. She believes in using her hearty touch to communicate, as creating an environment where the audiences feel they matter increases the chance of excellent communication.

Amanda is a skilled administrator and a consummate professional. For over five years, she has empowered young people by equipping them with career development and life skills, improving the livelihoods of hundreds in Sierra Leone. In addition, Amanda has led the implementation of Media Campaigns on Malaria across Sierra Leone, where she facilitated the deployment of resources and participated in training health journalists on reporting skills. Marketing is her other stronghold as she had organized a nationally-televised TV show launching event. She also pitches business partnership ideas and has created a business for institutions.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with Honors from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. She has a certificate in social media marketing from the Freetown Business School. Amanda is active in non-profit and enjoys giving back to her community through counseling and youth development. She is also passionate about mental health and loves volunteering for causes that transform society.

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