Candace Payne

Executive Assistant

Candace Payne is a seasoned executive assistant who has dedicated her life to supporting personal and professional growth. From her early years, Candace excelled in aiding others, leveraging her innate talents in communication, organization, and accountability. A native of Georgia, she has become a trusted partner in the growth journeys of individuals and businesses alike.

Candace’s skills have flourished with over eight years of executive assistant experience. Her exceptional communication abilities and aptitude for creating efficient systems have made her indispensable in roles focused on Small Business Development, Client Relations & Retention. Renowned for her dynamic personality, Candace has successfully guided business owners through various growth strategies, earning their trust and respect.

As a passionate individual with strong faith, Candace finds fulfillment in both her professional and personal missions. She envisions serving communities through missionary work, with Mexico as a potential destination. Outside of work, Candace dedicates her time to developing new business plans, exploring the world through travel, and cherishing moments with her supportive family.

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