Cecil Hanciles

Sales and Marketing Coordinator- S.L Office

Cecil Hanciles is an optimistic, results-driven and enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with over eight years of vast experience in diverse fields, such as sales-making, procurement, and field officer in community development-based projects.

Cecil received his BSc from the Institute of Public Administration and Management with honors in Business Administration and a Diploma in Account and Finance from Emibex College of Finance and Management. He applies his business knowledge, in-depth sales strategies and exceptional presentation skills to help clients.

Throughout his career, Cecil has earned the trust of several companies and institutions, thereby developing and possessing extensive experience with the private sector, government and nongovernmental humanitarian organizations in Sierra Leone, such as Work Ready Africa (W.R.A.) Statistics SL, Y.M.C.A., N.C.R.A. Ministry of Sport (M.O.S.) and more. He has maintained strong client relationships that generate repeat business and consultations. He is skilled at developing the right action plan for each client and project, meeting their unique needs and committed to ensuring they get the best products and solutions.

He strongly attributes his success to his ability to listen to customers and partners and put their needs first, ensuring they get the best available options.

Outside work, Cecil enjoys giving his time to the Diocesan Youth Fellowship, where he is the current Secretary General. He enjoys attending charity luncheons and traveling to visit his family in Regent as a family man.

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