Irene Iyamu

Irene Iyamu is a Management Executive, Talent Management Expert, and Entrepreneur with over a decade’s experience across the Financial and Manufacturing industries. The dynamic nature of her work history has helped her build in-depth competence in business development, strategy, talent management, learning administration, recruitment processes, and Customer Service.

In her most recent role as Talent Acquisition and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Manager at the Nigerian Brewing powerhouse and Operating company of Heineken, she headed all talent acquisition efforts for a workforce of about 3000 employees, authoring the current Talent Acquisition Policy and subsequently promoting user adoption across the company. She generated a talent pipeline of 1,000+ candidates during the COVID-19 quarantine period in 2020 by designing and launching a new Employability Webinar series and designed and implemented the first EVP plan, which boosted engagement with the company’s LinkedIn page by 30% and increased the number of followers from 10K to 50K in one year and several other achievements.

Ahead of this, she held several other positions both within Nigerian Breweries and other leading organizations, bringing significant value to organizational bottom-line and growth objectives, such as increased efficiencies and reduced cycle time of workflows through collaboration within the Technology Group to inspect, identity, and transition key processes for automation. One such project required the sales team to implement a new process, which reduced fraudulent cover purchases by 75%.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Liverpool, UK.


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