Justin Roshak


Justin Roshak is a creative, curious Content Strategist. He has over 6 years of experience as a researcher and writer.

Justin Roshak began his creative career as a journalist for a regional newspaper in northern New Hampshire. He covered issues like development, conservation, local, state, and (thanks to NH’s unique position in the electoral system) national politics. These experiences taught him about the complex web of life in real communities and the role of storytelling in placemaking and inclusive development.

After moving to Boston in 2020, Justin freelanced for several newspapers. He covered issues such as school district politics, infrastructure development, the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry, real estate, and the conservation of the Charles River. He interviewed City Councilors, community members, and business and nonprofit leaders. He learned about the commonalities of small-town and big-city life and the realities of community action and organization in an interconnected urban fabric.

Justin pivoted to content creation in 2022. He applies his research, interview, and writing experience to crafting informative and persuasive materials. In combining the role of educator and storyteller, his basic work has not changed much from his days as a community journalist. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Justin studied international relations and development economics in an attempt to understand our complex global world better. In his spare time, Justin writes fiction, some of which has been published. He also produced a podcast mini-series on the history of Florence. He currently splits his time between the United States and Sweden.

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