Laurice Hajjar

Sr. Project Coordinator - U.S. & S.L Office

Laurice brings extensive experience and expertise to her role as a Project Manager. With over 8 years of international experience across the United States, Spain, UAE, and Lebanon, she has refined her project management skills and demonstrated thought leadership across various industries.

Laurice has successfully managed projects for a diverse range of clients, including both government and commercial entities such as the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Capitol Police, Office of the Inspector General, Nike, Swatch, and Nestle. Her broad experience has enhanced her strategic thinking, communication skills, and organizational abilities.

Laurice is renowned for her capacity to effectively understand, communicate with, and build relationships with a wide spectrum of clients and team members, establishing her as an exceptional Project Manager and Account Manager. With Laurice leading, she is poised to deliver outstanding project management and client-centric services in any new role she undertakes.

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