Michelle O'Dea

Michelle O’Dea is a global thinker, leader, and strategist. She has helped hundreds of clients develop and promote content tailored to their audiences and industry. Michelle is a dedicated Creative and Communications Director with over 30 years of experience driving creative strategy and execution of marketing and advertising performance analysis back to successful business-level results.

Michelle has a broad marketing background in event planning, public speaking, digital media, print, and email marketing. She has over 25 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Creative Cloud.

As an advertising maestro, she has experience with national, regional, and local municipalities, conventions, hotels, restaurants, architectural, insurance, banking, retail, industrial, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and interior design accounts.

She has served on boards for innovative, forward-thinking community development that included real estate, local housing, sustainable neighborhoods with a focus on long-term community engagement. These programs fostered the creation of sustainable planning, development, and policy solutions to strengthen the social, economic, environmental, and cultural health of the area.

Michelle has a proven track record in developing innovative marketing strategies that accelerate growth, increase demand and maximize business intelligence for strategic markets. She showers our clients with big-picture thinking, plus detailed and organized execution.