Patrick Beckley

chief strategy and business development officer

Patrick has over 41 years of experience in market research and project development experience within the housing, economic development, urban planning, renewable energy and regulation, building, and community development industries.

As the Executive Chairman of the Seli Hydropower Company, Patrick performed the following tasks:

  • Developed and maintained Government, private sector, and financier engagement for the development of the $650 million, 143 MW Bumbuna Phase II Hydro-electric Project
  • Chair the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) Management Committees
  • Directed and developed strategy, plan, and budget for the implementation of the RAP and CDAP
  • Secured the signing of the 25 years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Implementation Agreement (IA)
  • Chaired Board and Shareholders meetings and generally promoted the reputation and profile of the Company.

As Country Director of Joule Africa and Chairman of Energy Services Co. (ESCO), Patrick led the development of the project and secured Government approval and Parliamentary Ratification for the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the development of a 143 MW project valued at over $700 million.

As Country Director for World Hope International Liberia and Habitat for Humanity International, Patrick provided leadership for participatory programs and projects in several African countries, strengthened institutional capacity, and developed mutually beneficial partnerships for effective and efficient service delivery in rural communities. He also oversaw the implementation of the Environmental and Social aspects of the project, including supervision of ESHIA and RAP studies. He evaluated, identified, and promoted model community and business economic development or workforce development projects.

He honed his expertise during his tenure with the City of Alexandria Office of Housing Administration (Virginia), Government of Sierra Leone, Africa Housing Fund, and Shelter-Afrique, all of which he served in executive positions.

Patrick is highly-experienced with community development programs, multi-municipality, and national joint ventures. He has managed and coordinated the development and implementation of the First Step Economic Opportunities Zone at Mile 6, on the outskirts of Freetown; the extension of the kissy low-income housing estate; the development of the 218 housing unit Rifle Range Estate at Goderich; the development of the Barmoi Loma International Market in the Kambia District, Sierra Leone, and several others.

Patrick is highly-experienced with community development programs, multi-municipality, and national joint ventures. A graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the Institute of Housing Studies (Erasmus University) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Patrick has broad U.S. and international experience and links with government and development organizations.

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