5 Ways on How Podcasts Can Boost Your Brand

This year, about 155 million people listen to podcasts every week. Podcasts are transforming how people gain and retain information. You can listen to podcasts while exercising, driving to work, or simply listening for leisure. Now that you have that in mind, it is important to understand how this form of digital marketing can boost your brand.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program that consists of a series of episodes that discuss a particular topic. For instance, that can range from either lifestyle, religion, politics, social sciences, etc. You can subscribe and listen to a podcast on your phone either through headphones, through speakers, or in your car.

Developing connections with host speakers build your credibility when using podcasts.

Many podcasts are quite familiar with how they sound due to their conversation-like style of speaking about a focused topic. Digital marketing continues to rise with the use of social media, videography, and SEO. In fact, podcasts are reshaping the art of storytelling by showing audiences that conversations are powerful. They are designed from an idea or passion to draw attention and inspiration. Essentially, implementing podcasts into your marketing strategy can help gain more prospects for your business and boost your brand awareness.

So, what should you consider when choosing to go on a podcast platform?

Before creating any type of marketing strategy, it is important to identify your buyer persona.

  • What are their personal interests? 
  • What do they need to know about your business’s missions and values? 
  • How will podcasts help serve your customers’ needs when they engage in your content?
  • Why would they want to listen to your content?

Identifying and researching the characteristics of your buyer persona is vital when crafting a podcast to ensure that your content will be engaging and beneficial to your audience and to generate leads.

So how do podcasts boost your brand?

1. Helps Personalize Your Brand

Inevitably, your main pursuit when beginning to create your podcast is to build relationships with your customers – which includes building trust. Uploading an informative series relating to your products and services helps your audience get a better understanding of your brand’s personality. Also, podcasts help represent who you are to the world. Podcasts are highly engaging which breaks the monotony of overloaded information.

  • You can break the monotony of overloaded information by allowing guest speakers onto your platform to discuss topics that represent your brand.

Podcasts are highly interactive because they convey a simpler and direct message to your audience with the means of storytelling altogether.

2.  Grows Thought Leadership

When delivering a message to your audience about your experience as an entrepreneur, it is vital to establish credibility on how you have executed your passions. Podcasts are beneficial to grow you as a thought leader when sharing your insights to your audience. Conveying topical information to your audience that is tied with well-researched evidence of building your business shows that you are able to provide helpful resources for your audience. 

Podcasts create relatability between hosts and the audience.

3. Builds Consistency and Awareness for Your Brand

Implementing podcasts for your brand creates a sense of community and awareness about where you stand to make your community a better place. When presenting your content, your audience connects to the authenticity you display to them. That said, using podcasts helps build a relational connection with your brand. Adding podcasts to your marketing strategy boosts your brand awareness by clearly having your voice heard about your passions for your business and customers.

4. It’s a Growing Media Platform

In light of the COVID-19 circumstances, many companies are resorting to audio and video platforms for their audiences to learn more about who they represent, and to educate their audiences on their missions as a business. Since podcasts are another medium of digital marketing, you can use them as an alternative for storytelling. Hypothetically speaking, say if your business does not have the equipment to shoot a professional video, using podcasts is an inexpensive approach to distribute your storytelling content. This is done by using high-quality audio software to record your “conversation-like” content. You can then promote episodes through a variety of distribution channels such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

5. It’s Simple to Setup

Setting up a podcast is not complicated, thank goodness. To set one up, all you need is great WiFi, high-quality earphones/headphones and a microphone, and a good audio editing software.

Second, create cover art and clickable subject lines that appeal to your audience when they are searching for topics to listen to.

Last, outline a decent and organized script that sounds conversational, relaxed, and informative. Not only are these steps simple, but they are also inexpensive when you are branching out a new marketing strategy to promote your brand.

It is important to understand how podcasts have grown through the use of smartphones.

As technology continues to advance, it cannot eliminate the human element of connecting with your audience. Using podcasts boosts your brand to appeal to your audience personally which lets you focus on why conversations matter. Using podcasts effectively helps execute your goals to serve your prospects, customers, and audiences altogether.

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Your audience is the heartbeat of building your business success. Reaching them through a portable and mobile-friendly medium boosts your brand and grows your target audience demographic. Inevitably, how you sound to your audience makes a lasting impact on how your brand is perceived. Expand your research on podcasts to see if it can best fit your marketing strategy needs, to become a better storyteller and thought leader for your audience.

Thalia Rodriguez is a Communications major with a double minor in marketing and professional writing at Grand Canyon University. When she’s not practicing writing, she can be spending time with family and friends, going on hikes, or cooking delicious plant-based dishes. Check out her LinkedIn profile here to connect.

10 Best Small Business Podcasts From the PivotPath Team

Podcasts have been around for sometime now, and are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay current and informed about the latest trends in business. Many entrepreneurs tune into podcasts because they are an easily accessible medium and allow the most optimal way to engage within a wider business network.

Over the years, more and more business influencers have entered into the world of podcasts, providing relatable guidance for startups and business owners seeking to combat their challenges with tangible solutions, takeaways and tips; often times providing knowledge based on previous business challenges of their own.

If you are looking for highly engaging and interesting podcasts, the Pivot Path team has come up with our Top 10 picks for you!

1. The Art of Hustle

This popular business podcast was created by Anthem Salgado, a small business coach and marketing guru. Each episode provides business advice and training designed to “untangle your to-do list and clear a pathway for new forward movement.”

2. Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind is hosted by one of the most prominent names in America’s businessworld today: Shark Tank presenter Daymond John. In each episode, John interviews a leading business figure on issues related to productivity, power and performance.

3. Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast is designed to help small businesses with marketing. Each episode provides tips on social media marketing, copywriting, SEO, affiliate and all things digital marketing. As the title suggests, “Marketing over Coffee’ is recorded in a coffee shop by hosts Christopher Penn and John Wall.

4. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Created and presented by John Lee Dumas, this award-winning podcast features John chatting with successful entrepreneurs on topics intended to guide those starting out in their journey as entrepreneurs.

5. Mixergy

Hosted by successful business owner and entrepreneur Andrew Warner, each show dissects a different aspect of running a business and features entrepreneurs who have found success and aims to inspire new entrepreneurs. Whether you only have a business idea or have an existing, stable enterprise, this show provides inspiration and actionable insights.

6. StartUp

The StartUp is hands down one of the most reputable podcasts in the world today. This popular business podcast is hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow. It focuses more on the realities of launching a startup and features the experts and professionals in various business sectors.

7. The Marketing Companion

If you are looking for a “fun” approach to podcasts, try this one hosted by the globally-recognized marketing author, consultant and blogger Mark Schaefer, alongside Tom Webster. This podcast is witty and provides a unique insight to all things marketing. They claim to be the “world’s most entertaining podcast” and we agree as keep us engaged while sharing new trends on how to improve business marketing strategies.

8. Startups for the Rest of Us

This popular podcast is hosted by the experienced web app professional and author Rob Walling and programmer analyst Mike Taber. This podcast helps technology-driven decision makers and designers improve launched software products in the market.

9. Hack to Start

Each week co-hosts Franco Varriano and Tyler Copeland interview guests on how they’ve “growth-hacked” their way to the top. The most popular show topics include innovations that successful startups have used to become reputable and world-renown.

10. Business Wars

If you enjoy listening to the inspirational stories on how small startups became brand leaders, this is the podcast for you. Business Wars host David Brown (former anchor of Marketplace) provides real insight on how brand giants like Netflix and Nike tackled business challenges, encouraging new entrepreneurs to overcome their own obstacles and “just keep swimming”.

No matter what your interests are – tips on pitching a business or marketing techniques for a nonprofit- there is definitely a podcast for you. If you’re searching for a new podcast to subscribe to, one of these shows will definitely provide content that’s in-depth, creative, intelligent, and most importantly, aimed to help you grow your business and tell your story.

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