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SolisLabs | SQ Ingredients

SolisLabs | SQ Ingredients

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SolisLabs is the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements. They are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice – created by the FDA) recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products with plants in Atlanta, Georgia,and San Diego, California. PivotPath has provided marketing services for SolisLabs since July 2018.

The Challenge:

SolisLabs was like a diamond in the rough. They provided high-end manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements to their customers, but did not invest the same efforts into their own marketing strategies. They required a higher digital presence to elevate them in the marketplace. 

The Solution:

PivotPath created and developed organic strategies for SolisLabs social media which included engagement, keyword and hashtag research and posting, sharing trending industry topics, blogs with backlinks for SEO, and influencer campaign development to assist in bringing more prospects to the table. The PivotPath team also updated the website copy to resonate with buyers, and implemented effective email campaigns to increase conversions. 

The Results:

Within 4 months, SolisLabs’ engagement increased by over 2400% and conversions (website clicks and lead forms) up by 83%. These results speak for themselves. 

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Illinois Green Alliance

Illinois Green Alliance

Coordinating and promoting a virtual event can be stressful; let PivotPath wear that hat, creating  graphics and curating copy that attracts new audiences while re-engaging existing brand supporters.


The Illinois Green Alliance needed visual design pieces to promote its first ever virtual GreenBuilt Home Tour, an annual event in Illinois bringing green advocates, construction builders, homeowners and more together to tour a variety of green-built homes. 

About the Client:

The Illinois Green Alliance is a membership driven, non-profit that works to promote green buildings and sustainable communities. The organization believes that green infrastructure is key to strengthening neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for everyone, and is the Illinois local affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council.





The Results:

PivotPath helped the Illinois Green Alliance promote their virtual GreenBuilt Home Tour, resulting in a record 687 online viewers and a visual presence that was memorable, re-engaging existing supporters while reaching new green advocates and staying within their marketing budget.


The Challenge:

The Illinois Green Alliance’s annual GreenBuilt Home tour brought thousands of Chicagoans out to view green buildings in an attempt to implement green initiatives across the city and state. With the emergence of COVID-19, most organizations have had to make adjustments with how they conduct events. The Illinois Green Alliance needed to promote the event in a strategic manner to avoid losing the interest and support of those who may not have been as thrilled about virtual tours.

The Solution:

PivotPath developed a marketing strategy for the GreenBuilt Home Tour that included attractive and engaging visual graphics for social media, paid advertisements and customized HTML email templates. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come.

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Core Technology

Core Technology

Core Technology realized the power of updated branding through concise branded messaging and imaging developed by PivotPath. 

Former Website
Revamped Website by PivotPath


Core Technology knew they lacked a strong online presence with an antiquated website and minimal digital marketing efforts.  They were looking for ways to increase their online marketing presence to take their business to the next level. 

About the Client:

Core Technology, a business unit of Harris Computers, is the leading public safety software company located in Lansing, Michigan. The company has been in business 39 years, has 114 data exchange systems, and works with over 600 law enforcement agencies. Their software aids law enforcement agencies in getting critical data to officers on-demand allowing users to make informed decisions. It also provides data exchange to allow better agency-wide communication. PivotPath partnered with Core Technology, by serving as their in-house marketing department, since July 2018.


The Challenge:

Core Technology’s website was out-dated and did not set the stage for long-term value to its prospective clients. Their digital marketing strategies were minimal, which left them without options to fully target prospects. 


The Solution:

By hiring PivotPath as their digital marketing agency, Core Technology avoided the cost of trial and error of running their own campaigns, getting their team up to speed, spending time and company resources on maintaining their content consistency. PivotPath implemented consistent branding, an updated website and conducted email marketing campaigns. 

The Results:

Creating a consistent brand and updating Core Technology’s website, PivotPath boosted their online visibility, and created immediate value that correlated to their already innovative solutions. Targeting both desktop and mobile traffic allowed us to boost conversion rates, and provide tracking for Core Technology’s digital marketing efforts. 

PivotPath conducted four back-to-back email marketing campaigns averaging a 33% open rate. 

The results achieved by PivotPath gave Core Technology the understanding of how marketing channels work together, and how to optimize their marketing spend to get better ROI.


You don’t just have to hire an agency to handle SEO, paid advertising, or some specific marketing tactic. You could get massive benefits just by using an agency’s resources to analyze your business and find areas where you could boost your return on investment. Contact Pivot Path today!


Global Public Safety | JailTracker

Global Public Safety and JailTracker software doubles website traffic and elevates conversions to increase monthly revenues through concise branded messaging developed by PivotPath.

Dual Combined Logo

The Results:

For Global Public Safety, the PivotPath team launched a successful ad camp with a total of 3.5k impressions and a total click through rate of .216, outshining the average CTR of .05-.1% for the publication. The campaign also increased the net promoter score (NPS) by over 13%. 


The PivotPath team conducted a website analysis for, and developed SEO-optimized content, created an Adword strategy, highlighting keywords that would best resonate with their audience. This resulted in doubling their monthly website traffic leading to truly targeted prospects. JailTracker also increased their conversion rate of .028, dramatically increasing their monthly revenue.


Since teaming up with PivotPath, Global Public Safety and JailTracker have seen remarkable results. Their sales team is reaching more prospects, having more tailored discussions with potential clients, and obtaining more sales than ever before.


Global Public Safety and JailTracker software had a limited marketing strategy that revolved around a website and random email campaigns. They knew they were leaving money on the table because they lacked a strong online strategy and consistent messaging. They were looking for ways to increase their marketing presence and thus, sales of their software to increase revenues.

About the Client:

Global Public Safety and JailTracker are the nation’s leading public safety software companies. These two entities are sister companies under the Harris Computer Corporation. Global Public Safety has been in business 20 years and services over 750 customers in 28 states. Their software solutions supports law enforcement agencies of all kinds. JailTracker is a product of GPS, and is the industry’s leading jail management solution. It’s a proven system that has been successfully deployed and supports hundreds of jails nationwide. PivotPath partnered with these business units, by serving as their in-house marketing department, since July 2018.


The Challenge:

Global Public Safety and JailTracker software found challenges in reaching target audiences, a lack of customer retention, and inconsistent branding to recreate loyalty and trust. They sought a solution to generate and nurture leads in a much more strategic and structured way.

The Solution:

PivotPath assisted with creating a consistent narrative, increasing online traffic, and generating leads that resulted in higher sales and revenues. 

The PivotPath team started with logo development and branding across all marketing channels. We worked closely with Global Public Safety and JailTracker’s sales team to deliver relevant messaging to its prospective markets. We increased organic and paid online traffic through SEO, Adwords campaigns and identification of keywords to Increase overall traffic. 

PivotPath also supports Global Public Safety & JailTracker with trade show coordination, event management, email campaigns, and direct mail, and additional digital and traditional marketing initiatives.


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Mental health in marketing

The Importance of Mental Health in a Marketing World

There’s no denying that social media and the digital age that we’re in has negatively affected mental health. Time and time again, studies show a negative correlation between mental health and social media, especially with the younger generations.

Whether you’re a content creator or marketing specialist, chances are the marketing tactics you use are related to psychology. Marketing can contribute positively or negatively to your audience’s mental health and wellbeing. Knowing what psychological tricks in marketing do can help you market more mindfully, especially in the age of COVID-19.

How is marketing related to psychology?

Marketing that uses psychological tricks to evoke emotion is known as neuromarketing. This form of marketing uses neuroscience to understand how consumers’ brains react to certain marketing stimuli.

All marketing is psychology. Every advertisement aims to elicit an emotional response from the consumer, persuading them to buy into the product or service. A few examples of marketing psychology include:

FOMO Effect

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a popular marketing technique that relates to loss aversion. This tactic is a big part of many marketing campaigns, from phrases like “don’t miss out” to advertising time-sensitive sales. FOMO creates a sense of urgency to persuade the consumer that they’ll regret not buying your product or service.

Social Proof

“Social proof” is a technique that pressures consumers to do something because everyone else is doing it. You probably use this technique already through categories like “best sellers” or showcasing reviews on your website or socials. One of the more prominent examples of social proof is the recent rise of influencer marketing.

Check out how influencer marketing can help your business in our previous blog post.

Pro-Innovation Bias

This is the wording high-tech or innovative companies use pro-innovation bias to convince consumers they need their product. Phrases like “the world’s first…” or “introducing the revolutionary…” are designed to make you feel that you have to be one of the first to buy this new piece of technology or product.

What can marketing do to your mental health?

Of course, many of these techniques are harmless. However, many ads use techniques that tell consumers they’re inadequate without that product or service. There is a constant stream of advertisements that tell you your body isn’t good enough or clothes aren’t trendy enough – that you’re not enough. They then advertise their product as helping you live a more satisfying life. These can subconsciously damage your self-esteem and your perception of yourself and the world.

Even some products meant to improve your life can shame you. For example, eco-friendly products persuade you by making the average consumer feel responsible for saving the environment. In reality, corporations and big businesses account for most of the pollution and plastic waste in our oceans. Buying a reusable straw is great for reducing your own carbon footprint, but won’t do much in terms of tangible change – but it sure is a good marketing tactic.

Despite the knowledge that some marketing tactics impact your mental health, the fact still remains that marketing is rooted in psychology. So what can we do?

How can we improve?

All of this isn’t to say that marketing is inherently bad or intentionally manipulative. Instead, marketers need to be more aware of the marketing strategies they use and how they use them. Taking into account the mental health and wellbeing of your target audience can benefit consumers as well as companies.

Balancing ethics with profit can show that you care about the messages you’re putting into the world, and the people you’re selling to. In fact, offering support and being authentic about something so stigmatized can help you build trust with customers.

You can’t untangle psychology from marketing, but you can make it shift to focus more on what your service or product provides rather than what the consumer lacks.

If you want to create more meaningful marketing, contact us to request a free digital assessment.

Alison Roller is a recent graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she earned a B.A. in English with a minor in journalism. When she’s not writing, she can be found wherever her cats are. Check out her LinkedIn profile here to connect.