Our Work

At PivotPath, we take pride in our selective approach to project selection. We believe that our work should deliver tangible results and contribute to positive social and environmental change. That’s why every project we undertake is carefully evaluated to ensure alignment with our mission and values.

Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Council

Empowering Rhode Island’s Energy Future: PivotPath Partners with EERMC 

PivotPath is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Council (EERMC) as their chosen vendor for strategic marketing consultation, communication planning, and implementation of a public awareness campaign on energy efficiency.

Background and Motivation: The EERMC, mandated to oversee Rhode Island’s energy efficiency programs, seeks to promote public understanding of energy issues and the crucial role of energy efficiency in addressing climate change. With Rhode Island’s commitment to mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, the EERMC aims to prioritize support for economically disadvantaged communities, ensuring equitable access to energy efficiency solutions.

Our partnership with the EERMC involves a multi-phased effort. In Phase 1, PivotPath will conduct thorough research, including literature reviews and supplemental research if necessary. We’ll identify strategic objectives, target audiences, and key messages to conceptualize and design a comprehensive public awareness campaign. Phase 2 will focus on implementing the campaign, integrating it with existing EERMC outreach events and evaluating its impact.

PivotPath brings extensive experience in environmentally impactful campaigns, having worked with organizations like the Maryland Clean Energy Center, Freetown City Council, Finor X, and the Illinois Green Alliance. As a certified B Corporation, we are deeply committed to driving positive change and sustainability in every project we undertake.

Country: U.S. – Rhode Island
Project date: April 2024 – December 2024

City of Atlanta 

Strengthening the Recruitment and Force of the Atlanta Police Department 

Communication is more than just meeting people where they are; it’s about showing them
where they want to be. This summer, PivotPath and Henderson Shapiro Peck partnered to launch an ambitious recruitment campaign in greater Atlanta and select cities nationwide.

In a highly competitive landscape, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) strives to attract top talent and uphold its high standards. Our recruitment strategy encompasses multiple stages, from generating initial interest to welcoming new officers into the fold.

Our approach is twofold: firstly, we aim to inspire local Atlanta residents to consider law enforcement a fulfilling career. Simultaneously, we position Atlanta as a desirable career destination for current and prospective officers nationwide. Atlanta boasts a wealth of advantages, from its rich food and music culture to its diverse population and extensive green spaces. These attributes make Atlanta an attractive prospect, whether you’re in New York, Miami, St. Louis, or Detroit.

Collaborating closely with our partners at Henderson Shapiro Peck, we’ve leveraged the city’s symbol (the phoenix) and its motto (“Resurgens,” meaning “Rising Up”) to create compelling logos and recruitment materials. Additionally, we’ve identified new cities for recruitment events, aligning our efforts with the APD’s specific needs. Together, we’ve crafted key themes that highlight the APD and the city’s strengths while aligning with the values and goals of potential recruits.

Our joint team is now gearing up for a comprehensive media and promotional campaign that showcases Atlanta’s unique advantages, the professional benefits of joining the APD, and the mission-driven community values that resonate with prospective and transferred officers. From the outset, we’ve believed that Atlanta deserves the best, and we’re committed to ensuring the APD receives nothing less.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: March 2024 – March 2027

Fulton County Government

Enhancing Printing Services for Fulton County Public Library System

Fulton County, with its vast network of public libraries, sought to improve its printing services to better meet the needs of library patrons. The county recognized the importance of providing high-quality printing resources, including flyers, brochures, and informational materials, to enhance the library experience and effectively communicate with the community.

PivotPath is partnering with  Fulton County to revamp and enhance the printing services for the Fulton County Public Library System. Leveraging our expertise in printing and graphic design, we are implementing a comprehensive solution that addresses the county’s specific requirements and goals.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: July 2023 – Dec 2023

City of Clarkston

A Diverse City Igniting Growth and Opportunity

Coined as “The most diverse city in America”, City of Clarkston, GA, has faced its challenges of repositioning itself as a vibrant and thriving city amidst a rapidly changing landscape. With a diverse community and a rich cultural heritage, Clarkston aimed to attract new residents, businesses, and investments, while showcasing its potential for economic growth and development.

PivotPath has partnered with the City of Clarkston to develop a comprehensive marketing, communications, and public relations strategy with the goal of creating a compelling narrative that highlighted Clarkston’s unique assets and positioned it as a city where growth and opportunity intersected.

We will aid the City with brand enhancement, strategic messaging, digital marketing, and community engagement. our intended results are to increase awareness, enhance business and investment attraction, strengthen community bonds, and build (further) a positive perception of the City of Clarkston.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: July 2023 – Ongoing

Humanity & Inclusion (Formerly Handicap International)

Highlighting on Socio-Economic Resilience of Persons with Disabilities in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a significant population of persons with disabilities facing numerous challenges and vulnerabilities, including discrimination, poverty, and limited access to essential services. In recent years, efforts have been made by the government, UN agencies, and other organizations to improve the socio-economic livelihood of persons with disabilities through various projects and initiatives.

This Project Concept Note (PCN) aims to conceptualize a short documentary that showcases the impact of socio-economic development projects for persons with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

PivotPath will develop a documentary highlighting the opportunities available to persons with disabilities and the realities they face on the ground, capturing their stories and showcasing the positive impact of these projects.

By sharing these stories of resilience and progress, the documentary aims to raise awareness, break down barriers, and inspire further action towards achieving equal rights and opportunities for persons with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: June 2023 – Ongoing

Clayton State University

Helping Clayton State University build a brand for the next fifty years

Clayton State University, a renowned institution serving Metro Atlanta for over half a century, has teamed up with PivotPath to embark on a transformative mission. Together, we will develop an identity and communications toolbox to propel the university into the next phase of its success. Our aim is to cultivate a new generation of educators and students, enhance recognition of the university’s strengths, and foster meaningful connections within the CSU community—comprising students, staff, families, and alumni.

CSU stands out for its impressive rankings in safety, student life, and athletics, offering a distinctive educational experience with unparalleled flexibility for non-traditional students. Ahead of its time, CSU pioneered remote learning, with several of its online programs earning the top spot in a 2019 survey. Catering to part-time students juggling jobs and family responsibilities, the university has also gained recognition as a leading institution for active duty and veteran members of the armed services.

As CSU embarks on the second half of its century-long journey, the time is ripe to strengthen its institutional identity and expand its educational footprint through strategic branding and public relations. PivotPath steps in to ensure that Clayton State University possesses a unified and captivating brand, rooted in its rich history while embracing future possibilities.

Through compelling marketing initiatives, engaging brand content, and purposeful enrollment materials, CSU will effectively advocate for its unique educational assets. Our strategic focus will revolve around supporting the university in nurturing its community of learners, empowering team members, and forging alliances with key stakeholders—students and families, current and prospective employees, as well as influential institutions in Atlanta, the state, and the nation. Leveraging our extensive experience in supporting public institutions across urban and suburban America, PivotPath’s global team will shape an institutional brand that instills pride in CSU’s past accomplishments and future endeavors.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: May 2023 – Nov 2023

City of Stone Mountain

The Two Stone Mountains—helping a small city stand out and succeed

Stone Mountain, a small city in eastern metro Atlanta, is known for its safety, walkability, and an annual celebration of Dr. King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. However, it shares its name and proximity with a privately-owned park, home to the largest Confederate monument in Georgia. This association with the Confederacy and the Klan has made the mountain a focal point for protests and media attention.

PivotPath, in collaboration with Henderson Shapiro Peck, is proud to be actively engaged in providing strategic communications and fostering positive community engagement in the city of Stone Mountain. Situated in eastern metro Atlanta, Stone Mountain possesses unique qualities such as its reputation for safety, walkability, and the annual commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. However, the city also faces challenges due to its association with a privately-owned park that houses the largest Confederate monument in Georgia, attracting protests and media attention.

Our approach includes proactive crisis communication through active community engagement, both digitally and in person. We leverage strategic social media campaigns and engaging storytelling to showcase Stone Mountain’s positive aspects, cultural richness, and diverse offerings.

By fostering positive community engagement and organizing inclusive events, we strengthen the city’s bond with its residents and attract visitors. Additionally, our strategic communications expertise helps manage the media narrative, ensuring accurate and positive coverage that highlights the city’s unique qualities and progress beyond its association with the Confederate monument.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: May 2023 – Ongoing

Maryland Clean Energy Center

Promoting a Clean Energy Future in Maryland and Washington D.C.

PivotPath has partnered with the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) to provide strategic communications and publicity for its dedicated efforts to develop and advance the clean energy industry in Maryland. 

The MCEC has organized more than $73 million for solar production and energy efficiency improvements for municipal, nonprofit, small business, and residential users. Innovation, sustainability, and commitment are all values embodied in its strategic vision and ongoing programs. With PivotPath’s help, the Center aims to promote its own efforts and the vision of a future driven by clean, affordable energy in the state. 

A robust legislative calendar, a shifting economy, and changing political priorities are all currents the Center must navigate. Above all, the Center has to communicate effectively with policymakers and the public on a complex topic at the interface of technology, economics, and society. For this, expert communication is essential. 

Impact: Our primary goals will be to engage potential partners and maintain relationships with existing stakeholders. Messaging must convey benefits without being technically overwhelming. Publicizing the advantages of clean energy and energy efficiency can have tangible (financial) and abstract (environmental and principled) aspects; the best will use both. PivotPath will position MCEC as a partner to businesses, residents, and the state’s economic and sustainability goals. 

Key tasks will be formulating a marketing and brand strategy, organizing and implementing campaigns to promote ongoing and future successes, and framing MCEC’s current and future programs to persuade potential participants. 

Country: U.S. – Maryland
Project date: December 2022 – Ongoing

DeKalb County Board of Health

Continuing to Educate and Engage Refugees and Immigrant Communities on the Benefits of COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccinations

PivotPath was awarded an additional opportunity with the DeKalb County Board of Health to create compelling one page flyers on the “Top 3 reasons” vaccination is vital to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The one-page documents will be designed and translated in English, French, Swahili and Arabic – major languages within the Clarkston, Georgia area. The flyers will also be disseminated and shared with community-based organizations.

Before determining the communication avenue and channel, our team assessed the refugee and immigrant populations in Clarkston to determine personas and segmented audiences. By contacting four community-based organizations serving these populations, we conducted a preliminary assessment of the respective client lists and demographics to determine the four primary refugee and immigrant cultures within DeKalb County: Congolese, Ethiopian, Rwandan, and Sudanese. With decades of experience working with immigrants and refugees in the County, we understand that language is a major barrier to access to healthcare, especially when English isn’t the first language. To combat this, we developed animated videos and fact sheets translated into English, French, Arabic, and Swahili to be disseminated on digital and traditional channels.

Impact: PivotPath will develop, design, print and disseminate the flyers to community-based organizations whose targeted audiences and stakeholders are new arrivals, refugees, and immigrants. It is our aim to reach at least 20,000 people with our in-the-field efforts to build awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Country: U.S. – Georgia
Project date: October 2022 – March 2023

City of East Orange

Sharing Stories, Building Place, Growing Pride

PivotPath has been a valuable partner to the City of East Orange, providing comprehensive crisis communications support and strategic communications services to enhance the city’s marketing, public relations, community engagement, and overall communication efforts. With a population of over 70,000 residents, it is crucial for the city to effectively reach and connect with its diverse community.

Our proactive approach to crisis communications has helped the City of East Orange anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate. We have worked closely with city staff to develop strategic communication approaches, including press releases, that effectively convey key messages and maintain transparency. By staying one step ahead, we have helped the city mitigate risks and maintain a positive public image.

In addition to crisis communications, our team has provided the City of East Orange with comprehensive strategic communication support. This includes website development and design, ensuring that the city’s online presence is user-friendly and visually appealing. We have also utilized our expertise in graphic design to create engaging visual materials that effectively communicate important information to residents and stakeholders.

Impact: We also provide the City with supports to better position itself with strategic partners and potential investors for redevelopment and economic development.

Country: U.S. – New Jersey
Project date: September 2022 – Ongoing

International Republican Institute

Storytelling for Democracy

PivotPath partners with the International Republican Institute (IRI) to create compelling visual content in support of the IRI Center for Global Impact’s mission to encourage inclusive politics that are issue-driven and citizen-led. 

PivotPath will ensure the Center for Global Impact has the visual communication and messaging tools it needs to engage policymakers, activists, and the public at large, wherever the work of building (or re-building) democracy is being done. 

Impact: Our PivotPath team of designers has developed 30-page to 350-page publications disseminated to thousands of researchers, humanitarians, strategic partners, students and the general public worldwide. 

These publications have educated the public on critical global topics that have promoted a world where people can raise their voices without fear and participate in a free and fair political process.

Country: U.S. – Washington, D.C.
Project date: June 2022 – Ongoing

European Union & DAI 

Promoting Decentralization in Sierra Leone

For over 45 years, the European Union (EU) has been a key partner supporting development in Sierra Leone. A key sectoral intervention under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) agreement provides for the establishment of a national project entitled Support to Civil Society and Local Authorities to promote local development in Sierra Leone. The project comprises a 25,000,000 euro grant that aims to improve sustainable local economic development through decentralization by strengthening the capacity of selected civil society and local councils.

Its primary target districts are the 6 local councils which are: Bombali District Council and Falaba District Council Kambia District Council and Karene District Council, Kenema District Council, and Pujehun District Council. 

Fostering engagement between citizens and their government is vital for social change. The Global Objective of the project is to design, coordinate and implement a strategic media, communications and visibility plan that highlights, educates, and engages the general public, strategic partners, and international audiences alike on the EU’s decentralization efforts in Sierra Leone and utilize communication activities and visibility products of demonstrable impact.

Our team will strategically develop a plan blended with digital, traditional, and media communications. This is not only to ensure the impact of EU actions is understood by relevant audiences, but to foster networks with women, youth, students, persons with disabilities, influencers, multipliers, media, business, civil society, and the cultural sector to support the achievement of shared priorities.

Impact: PivotPath has supported the European Union in reaching and engaging over 124,000 Sierra Leoneans through communications via video, newspaper, social media and website.

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: April 2022 – April 2024

European Union & DAI 

Maximizing the visibility of Good Governance in Sierra Leone

Fostering engagement between citizens and their government is vital for social change. Starting January 2022, the Global Objective of this project is to design, coordinate and implement the communication and visibility plan of the Governance project and utilize communication activities and visibility products of demonstrable impact.

Our team will strategically develop a plan blended with digital, traditional, and media communications to ensure the European Union’s achievements in Sierra Leone are not only noticed but that the organization’s impact is understood and embraced.

Impact: PivotPath has supported the European Union in reaching, engaging and informing over 43,000 Sierra Leoneans on the importance of good governance in the country through communications via video, newspaper, social media and website.

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: January 2022 – April 2024

DeKalb County Government – Georgia

Educating and Engaging Refugees and Immigrant Communities through COVID-19 Vaccination Video Animation

It's Up to You!
Language: English

It's Up to You!
Language: French

It's Up to You!
Language: Swahili

It's Up to You!
Language: Arabic

PivotPath has partnered with the DeKalb County Board of Health to increase public awareness of the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and ways to prevent COVID-19 infections, and to facilitate community discussions to address barriers and concerns about COVID-19 vaccination to DeKalb County’s African American residents, especially those 45-65 of age. 

With our 10+ years of experience working with immigrants and refugees in Clarkston, Georgia, we will develop an animation video themed “It’s Up to You!” that will be translated into the 4 major languages within this respective population: English, French, Arabic, Amharic and Swahili.

Impact: With strategic promotion and Paid advertising by the PivotPath team, the videos reached over 40,000 DeKalb County (Georgia) residents to build awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations.

County: United States (Georgia) |     Project date: December 2021 – Sept 2022

Suffolk County Government – New York

Partnering with the Suffolk County Campaign Finance Board to Promote a Leveled Playing Field for Anyone to Run for Office

In 2017 Suffolk County passed Charter Law 42, a matching grant fund program that provides public funds to County citizens in an equitable and transparent way. The County’s landmark program empowers everyday citizens to run for city office by providing them with campaign finance supports from their community, mitigating the limitations of access to wealth or special interest groups, providing threshold requirements, spending limits and strictly ensuring enforced reporting requirements are met.

In partnership and support of the Suffolk County CFB, PivotPath provides promotion efforts to increase the visibility and communications of Suffolk County’s campaign matching fund program to engage, educate, and empower grassroots citizens by providing them with the opportunity to become an agent of change in the county through a political leadership role.

Impact: Though the PivotPath team poured tirelessly into the program by providing website content, public relations, crisis management, social media planning, strategic planning, and graphic design, the Suffolk County Legislature overrode County Executive Steve Bellone’s veto of IR 1416, a law that eliminates the county’s public campaign financing program in July 2022.


Country: United States (New York)   |     Project date: September 2021 – Aug 2022

Finor X, Freetown City Council, & Greenstand

Promoting Reforestation and Breakthrough TreeTracking Technology in Sierra Leone | Bloomberg Award Winner 

The Freetown the Treetown Initiative is a tree planting campaign organized by the Freetown City Council, Government of Sierra Leone, Greenstand, the World Bank, and environmentally-friendly fashion technology line Finor X. This project concept started in 2018 after a devastating mudslide in 2017, due to climate change and deforestation, took the lives of thousands within the capital city.

In partnership with PivotPath, the Freetown the Treetown campaign aims to plant and grow one million trees in Freetown, Sierra Leone by December 2022 while educating the general public on ways they can positively contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable community. PivotPath developed a strategic marketing and communications plan, social media plan, and attractive social graphics to elevate the campaign’s visibility across multiple audiences.

Impact: We provided Finor X with a communications strategy to convey the importance of tree planting in Sierra Leone and improve awareness for all residents, visitors, stakeholders, and partners who engage with the City of Freetown and abroad. The campaign reached over 5,000 people globally and received the Bloomberg award in January 2022.

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: July 2021 – December 2021

Gwinnett County Government – Board of Commissioners

Strategic Planning for Gaining Constituent Feedback “How am I doing?”

PivotPath partnered with the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to increase stakeholder participation and awareness, provide County district information to the public, enable more citizens to engage with elected officials, strengthen the role of small contributors, reduce the potential for perceived corruption, and enhance/restore voter confidence in the electoral process by utilizing communication activities and visibility products of demonstrable impact.

The successful promotion efforts that increase the visibility and communications of County’s Commissioners will empower citizens, especially women, immigrants, and those in the LGBTQI community, by providing them with the opportunity to learn more about their County Commissioners and become agents of change in the county. 

To promote transparency and strengthen trust between Gwinnett County Commissioners and County residents, the PivotPath team developed a strategic interactive public engagement plan for commissioner/constituent feedback. This plan focused on:

  • Enhancing the perception of the Commissioners and their initiatives by popularizing the Gwinnett County brand; letting the public know what’s planned; why, where, and for whom;
  • Encouraged all stakeholders to be actively interested in Gwinnett County reforms;
  • Reinforced/improved the County Commissioners’ image in Gwinnett and the state.

Impact: Although the plan’s results were not achieved because priorities shifted towards health initiatives, the Gwinnett County Commissioners now have a well-defined strategic roadmap that they can use to engage and connect with their stakeholders. This roadmap is based on market research efforts and community buy-in, and it provides a solid foundation for achieving success in the future.

Country: United States (Georgia) 
Project date: Aug 2021 – Oct 2021

European Union |  Delegation to Sierra Leone

Maximizing Engagement of Agri-technology Entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone 

Agriculture plays a vital role in boosting the country’s economic growth. This sector provides sustainable and climate-smart agro-development, improving agriculture efficiency and promoting economic self-sufficiency for young (and seasoned) agri-preneurs— especially women. 

The PivotPath team was contracted to ensure maximum visibility of the EU’s grant funding for agro-technology initiatives in Sierra Leone. PivotPath provided video production, media buy and placement, social media management, radio jingles and advertising, press releases and virtual event management and planning. In October 2021, a record number of 224 small business agri-preneurs attended the virtual information session due to the visibility our team provided.

In December 2022, PivotPath was contacted to aid the European Union Delegation to Sierra Leone to increase the visibility of the award ceremony of the five selected projects for funding.

Impact: With PivotPath’s support, the Jobs and Growth Programme reached over 8,000 people with two months, and received over 224 inquiries from business enterprises within the country.

With the successful promotion of the Agro-Tech Development initiative, agriculture can play a vital role in boosting the country’s economic growth. These initiatives provide sustainable and climate-smart agro-development. In turn, this can improve agriculture efficiency and promote economic self-sufficiency for young (and seasoned) agri-preneurs, particularly women and young adults.

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: January 2021 – October 2021; December 2022

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Federal Credit Union

CDC Federal Credit Union has been open since 1949. It is the 13th largest credit union in Georgia with assets totaling $341.72 million and providing banking services to more than 20,000 members.

The long standing financial institution wanted to reestablish and better understand the lending needs of their constituents causing a loss of market share.

From mobile accessibility and health wellness workshops to financial literacy and budgeting tools, the Credit Union knew the key to reaching Its targeted communities was to resonate with those within the health and life sciences In a way they never did before and understand their challenges and needs.

The stakeholder engagement was immersive. Our team conducted an intense 5-Day on-site Discovery visit which included a facilitated focus group of non-CDC FCU members within the health and life sciences field, meetings with members of key staff and the Executive Committee, 23 interviews with current CDC FCU members, and 15 interviews with current CDC FCU staff. It was critical that we have the in-person connection with the staff, CDC FCU members, and non-members to help craft the Credit Union’s story authentically.

Impact: With the marketing research gathered, we developed an Executive Summary Market Research report for the CDC FCU’s use and insight. We also developed a one-year strategic marketing plan, which included a SWOT analysis, in-depth competitive analysis (state-wide and nation-wide), brand health check, branding guidelines recommendations, tracking metrics and campaign insights. 

Secondly, we developed an animation video for new employees and members to better understand the services and products available to them by the CDC FCU. Lastly, we developed a strategic branch re-opening launch for the Headquarter office in Atlanta. Although the credit union’s grand re-opening was postponed due to COVID-19, the video has reached over 107,400 new CDC employees since its launch. 

Country: United States (Atlanta, Georgia)
Project date: January 2020 – February 2021

LaunchPad Africa

Developing Business Accelerator Programming to Equip Africa’s Emerging Leaders

PivotPath created and spearheaded the development of LaunchPad Africa‘s piloted Business Accelerator program. Launchpad Africa is a DC-based non-profit with a mission to support African Entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable businesses by equipping and empowering them with the tools and resources necessary to be profitable.

Within 3 months, we created and designed the 16-module curricula, toolkits, and respective training materials for each module. We also developed the business accelerator manual and TOR samples for program sustainability.

Impact: Using insights internal and external to LaunchPad Africa, along with our expertise in thought leadership and training, our team successfully designed and developed a 16-module highly customized program curriculum outline and strategy including selected modules and module objectives; provided Launchpad Africa with a detailed agenda of each training; developed TORs for trainers of each module; and developed post-training evaluation and impact assessment.

Country: United States (Washington D.C.) & Sierra Leone
Project date: May 2021 – Sept 2021


Powering the Next Generation of Geriatrics Consultants in the South

Through enhanced branding, PivotPath supported GeriatRx’s commitment to providing families with peace of mind through high quality evidence-based medication management for geriatric populations in North Carolina.

Impact: PivotPath developed a branding strategy for GeriatRx that included logo design, a capabilities brochure, and branded materials. Through the strategy development process we helped GeriatRx develop their scope of capabilities, define the competition, identify ideal customers (targeted audience), and develop a vision for the future. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come.

Country: United States (North Carolina)
Project date: Oct 2020 – Oct 2021


Impact: Through enhanced branding, PivotPath supported U.S. and Nigerian emerging technology firm Phixaa.

Country: United States & Nigeria 

Project date: Jan 2021

SQ Ingredients

SQ Ingredients is an emerging supplement manufacturer providing high quality patented ingredients. They are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice – created by the FDA) recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products with plants based in California.

Impact: PivotPath provided SQ Ingredients with logo/branding elements and branding guidelines for trademarks, brand visibility and brand consistency.

Country: United States (California)
Project date: July 2020 – Sept 2021

Freetown City Council

Informing Citizens on COVID-19 Procedures and Maximizing Awareness

The Freetown City Council requested visual design graphics to promote safe, healthy measures for the residents of Freetown to limit and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. PivotPath designed attractive graphics including the Mayor of Freetown, local residents, and content in English and Krio, the main language in the city. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come.

Impact: PivotPath helped the Freetown City Council promote their coronavirus awareness in a way that was memorable, making them stand out amongst other West African municipalities with their forward thinning approach. The graphics reached over 57,000 local Sierra Leoneans.   


Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: March 2020 – October 2020

Illinois Green Alliance

The Illinois Green Alliance is a membership driven, non-profit that works to promote green buildings and sustainable communities. The organization believes that green infrastructure is key to strengthening neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for everyone, and is the Illinois local affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Illinois Green Alliance’s annual GreenBuilt Home tour brought thousands of Chicagoans out to view green buildings in an attempt to implement green initiatives across the city and state. With the emergence of COVID-19, most organizations have had to make adjustments with how they conduct events. PivotPath provided the organization with graphic design and paid social media services—resulting in the organization’s highest turn out in history.

Impact: PivotPath helped the Illinois Green Alliance promote their virtual GreenBuilt Home Tour, resulting in almost 1,000 online viewers and a visual presence that was memorable, re-engaging existing supporters while reaching new green advocates and staying within their marketing budget.

Country: United States (Illinois)
Project date: May 2020 – Oct 2020

Fambul Tik

PivotPath embraces and enhances the “Family Tree” with Sierra Leone’s Fambul Tik heritage tours.

Fambul Tik in Krio, lingua franca of Sierra Leone, means Family Tree, in English.  The nonprofit develop relationships with descendants of Sierra Leone around the world and engage them in meaningful activities. The organization leads African heritage tours around the world that are related to a shared Sierra Leonean heritage and resulting from the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 

Impact: PivotPath helped Fambul Tik establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, and aided in creating a historical moment by promoting the largest heritage tour the country of Sierra Leone had ever seen.


Country: United States (Washington D.C.) & Sierra Leone

End date: August 2019 – January 2020

Ames Brook

Promoting New Hampshire’s Pristine Lake Region

When it came to the transition, Ames Brook leadership sought to maximize value for the long term through increased visibility and enhanced branding. With this, the campground would position themselves better than the competition by enhancing their digital presence. 

Ames Brook Campground is centrally located in the heart of the Lakes and White Mountains. PivotPath provided branding services to the newly revamped campground, bringing its digital presence to life.

PivotPath implemented consistent branding with a new logo, an updated website. We also conducted Adwords campaigns to add intrinsic value to the company. 

Impact: Creating a consistent brand and updating Ames Brook’s website, PivotPath boosted the tourism attraction’s online visibility, and created immediate value that correlated to their updated venue. PivotPath’s efforts brought increased web traffic. When combined with the company’s email and social media campaigns, brought higher market share and revenues.

Country: United States (New Hampshire)

Project date: January 2020 – August 2020

Bloat No More

Combatting Diseases and Obesity by Promoting Health Lifestyles—Naturally 

Bloat No More’s mission is to help consumers become more aware of the ingredients they are putting into their bodies to prevent reduce diseases and obesity. Health and wellness is a mission we also strive for.

PivotPath developed a branding strategy for Bloat No More that included logo design and branding guidelines. Through the strategy development process we helped Bloat No More develop their mission statement, scope of capabilities, define the competition, website and blog content and develop a vision for the future. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come. PivotPath also provides email marketing services to the brand.

Impact: PivotPath helped Bloat No More establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, made them visible amongst the competition and provided leads for future sales.

Country: United States (California)
Project date: Ongoing since April 2020

Benergy Management & Consulting

Paving the Way for Construction in West Africa

Benergy Management & Consulting (BMC) provides professional and local partner solutions in the development of renewable energy, generation, transmission, distribution, demand management and Control Solutions across West Africa.

With a capabilities brochure and new branding collateral developed by PivotPath, Benergy Management & Consulting (BMC) is ready to transform communities across West Africa.

Impact: PivotPath helped BMC establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, made them visible amongst the competition and provided leads for future sales. 

Country: Sierra Leone
Project date: January 2020 – April 2020

Guzel Kadin

Promoting Holistic Wellness from the Inside Out

Inner and outer health and wellness is what Guzel Kadin stands for. Meaning “Beautiful Woman” in Turkish, this brand embodies its purpose in creating a relaxing environment and relief from daily stresses.

Guzel Kadin is a health and wellness product manufacturer and spa located in the Lagos, Nigeria. Guzel Kadin wanted to promote their natural health products to set them apart in an already inundated marketplace.

Through the strategy brand development process, PivotPath helped the brand develop sales literature for to promote the spa and natural products. identify ideal customers (targeted audience), and develop a vision for the future. 

Impact: PivotPath helped Guzel Kadin increase its brand exposure and visibility in a memorable way, making them visible amongst the competition.

Country: Nigeria
Project date: May 2019 – August 2019

HillTopp Homes

Realtor Marketing for Homebuilders Made Easy

HillTopp Homes is a new real estate company located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The brand needed a branding strategy to build credibility and visibility to set them apart in an already inundated marketplace. 

PivotPath developed a branding strategy for HillTopp Homes that included logo design and a landing page. Through the strategy development process we helped HillTopp Homes develop their mission statement, scope of capabilities, define the competition, identify ideal customers (targeted audience), and develop a vision for the future. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come.

Impact: PivotPath helped HillTopp Homes establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, made them visible amongst the competition and provided leads for future sales.


Country: United States (Georgia)
Project date: January 2019 – March 2019


Combatting Diseases and Obesity by Promoting Health Lifestyles—Naturally 

SolisLabs is the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements. They are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice – created by the FDA) recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products with plants in Atlanta, Georgia,and San Diego, California.

They provided high-end manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements to their customers, but did not invest the same efforts into their own marketing strategies. They required a higher digital presence to elevate them in the marketplace.

PivotPath created and developed organic strategies for SolisLabs social media which included engagement, keyword and hashtag research and posting, sharing trending industry topics, blogs with backlinks for SEO, and influencer campaign development to assist in bringing more prospects to the table. The PivotPath team also updated the website copy to resonate with buyers, and implemented effective email campaigns to increase conversions. 

Impact: Within 4 months, SolisLabs’ engagement increased by over 2400% and conversions (website clicks and lead forms) up by 83%. 

Country: United States (California)
Project date: July 2018 – January 2021

Harris Computer – Core Technology

Strengthening U.S. Public Safety Agencies With Leading Technology Solutions

Core Technology, a business unit of Harris Computers, is the leading public safety software company located in Lansing, Michigan. The company has been in business 39 years, has 114 data exchange systems, and works with over 600 law enforcement agencies. Their software aids law enforcement agencies in getting critical data to officers on-demand allowing users to make informed decisions. It also provides data exchange to allow better agency-wide communication.

Core Technology strongly believed they lacked a strong online presence with an antiquated website and minimal digital marketing efforts.  They were looking for ways to increase their online marketing presence to take their business to the next level. We pivoted their path.

Impact: As the Marketing and Communications partner, our team has engaged over 1,190 local, state and federal law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, and investigative agencies in Michigan and Wisconsin. PivotPath has launched over 27 campaigns, reaching over 7,250 public safety officials.

Country: United States (Michigan)
Project date: July 2018 – Dec 2022

Harris Computer – Global Public Safety, JailTracker & Dynamic Imaging

Strengthening U.S. Public Safety Agencies With Leading Technology Solutions

Global Public Safety (GPS) and JailTracker are the nation’s leading public safety software companies. These two entities are sister companies under the Harris Computer Corporation. Global Public Safety has been in business 20 years and services over 750 public safety agencies in 28 states. Their software solutions supports law enforcement agencies of all kinds. JailTracker is a product of GPS, and is the industry’s leading jail management solution. It’s a proven system that has been successfully deployed and supports hundreds of jails nationwide.

Global Public Safety and JailTracker software found challenges in reaching target audiences, a lack of customer retention, and inconsistent branding to recreate loyalty and trust. They sought a solution to generate and nurture leads in a much more strategic and structured way.

PivotPath assisted with creating a strategic brand narrative, increasing top of mind awareness, and cultivating prospects that resulted in higher sales and revenues. 

Impact: As the Marketing and Communications partner, our team has engaged over 750 local, state and federal law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, and investigative agencies in over 28 states. PivotPath has launched over forty-three campaigns, reaching over 70,000 public safety officials.

Country: United States (Oklahoma & Kentucky)
Project date: July 2018 – Dec 2022

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