Podcasts have been around for sometime now, and are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay current and informed about the latest trends in business. Many entrepreneurs tune into podcasts because they are an easily accessible medium and allow the most optimal way to engage within a wider business network. Over the years, more and more business influencers have entered into the world of podcasts, providing relatable guidance for startups and business owners seeking to
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As a small business owner or nonprofit founder, you’ve probably discovered that marketing is an essential part of your strategic business plan. You’re probably also aware of how marketing costs can add up when positioning your brand to maximize online exposure. If this automatically creates anxiety for you, don’t worry. We have you covered! Whether you have a large marketing budget and ample time on your hands, or are just doing the best with the
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Over the years, Facebook has continued to attract new users. This has become an extremely beneficial tool for data collected and analytics. When using Facebook advertising tools, here are keys to increase your chances of a successful ad campaign: Understand your audience: Aligning with your targeted customers is key element when creating a highly targeted campaign. Moreover, leverage specific data captured by Facebook to connect with your audience.Understand your goals: This helps you analyze what
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5 Key Tracking Metrics to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Google analytics is a necessary evil for many small businesses. Many companies have the bootstrap code affixed to their site, but barely leverage it due to its perceived high level technicalities. Although this might be true for some, neglecting the data it houses is not recommended.  In fact, this data can be essential in growing and strengthening your business and increase your leads and sales.
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As we roll into 2019 we can be certain of one thing in digital marketing – it is growing! For anyone using digital marketing tools or learning more about this evolving industry, this is an exciting time. Here are 9 digital marketing trends for 2019 that will help your business or nonprofit in its marketing strategy this year: Digital Ad spending will continue to rise as markets move away from traditional  marketing. This growth is
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