Pivoting Your Path Series

Over the years, we have helped dozens of clients with their marketing and communications challenges. Some of the challenges are resonating with stakeholders during a pandemic, utilizing strategic partnerships for greater impact, and simply measuring the success of a community outreach campaign. 

Pivoting Your Path is a series of 2 to 3-min videos that addresses your challenges and strategic tactics to overcome them. 

This week, we highlight a nonprofit extremely dear to our hearts: Lift Up. Lift Up is a nonprofit organization that allocates 100% of public donations away. Donors can choose which project 100% of their funds are allocated to, and see the impact their generosity makes around the world. Lift Up’s

As May 12th draws near, you can hear the $20 billion sales train approaching, presenting many opportunities to capitalize this Mother’s Day season –  cha-ching! With the right plan, you can attract customers to your brand by alluring them with product pictures and promotional ads. Interestingly, studies also show most

PivotPath is honored to present the first Women In Business feature! Today, we shine a spotlight on Dr. Lexx Brown-James. Dr. Brown-James is a certified sexuality educator and licensed marriage and family therapist. In St. Louis, MO she owns a private practice and contracts with various organizations regarding reproductive justice

Podcasts have been around for sometime now, and are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay current and informed about the latest trends in business. Many entrepreneurs tune into podcasts because they are an easily accessible medium and allow the most optimal way to engage within a wider business network.

As a small business owner or nonprofit founder, you’ve probably discovered that marketing is an essential part of your strategic business plan. You’re probably also aware of how marketing costs can add up when positioning your brand to maximize online exposure. If this automatically creates anxiety for you, don’t worry.

Over the years, Facebook has continued to attract new users. This has become an extremely beneficial tool for data collected and analytics. When using Facebook advertising tools, here are keys to increase your chances of a successful ad campaign: Understand your audience: Aligning with your targeted customers is key element

5 Key Tracking Metrics to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Google analytics is a necessary evil for many small businesses. Many companies have the bootstrap code affixed to their site, but barely leverage it due to its perceived high level technicalities. Although this might be true for some, neglecting the

As we roll into 2019 we can be certain of one thing in digital marketing – it is growing! For anyone using digital marketing tools or learning more about this evolving industry, this is an exciting time. Here are 9 digital marketing trends for 2019 that will help your business

Get Started HillTopp Homes HillTopp Homes is a Real Estate Investment Company that specializes in acquiring single family homes within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.  PivotPath makes a killer first impression for HillTopp Homes. Summary: HillTopp Homes needed a branding strategy to build credibility and visibility to set them apart in

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Get Started SolisLabs We partner with brands across a number of industries to enhance brand reputation and create exciting branding strategies. Summary: SolisLabs is the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements. They are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice – created by the FDA) recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for

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Get Started Core Technology Core Technology realized the power of updated branding through concise branded messaging and imaging developed by PivotPath.  Summary: Core Technology strongly believed they lacked a strong online presence with an antiquated website and minimal digital marketing efforts.  They were looking for ways to increase their online

Get Started Global Public Safety | JailTracker Global Public Safety and JailTracker software doubles website traffic and elevates conversions to increase monthly revenues through concise branded messaging developed by PivotPath. The Results: For Global Public Safety, the PivotPath team launched a successful ad camp with a total of 3.5k impressions


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Gain Loyalty and Sales by Telling Your Story.

Slice through the clutter of email campaigns with your story. By using your story to humanize yourself you relate more to your clients and build genuine relationships. These relationships are what guarantees sales.


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