International & Supranational Organizations

In the dynamic landscape of international and supranational organizations, ensuring visibility and impact across diverse communities is paramount.

At PivotPath, we specialize in crafting strategic communication solutions to amplify the reach and effectiveness of your programs worldwide.

Empowering Impact: PivotPath Solutions for International Organizations

In the multifaceted realm of international and supranational organizations, the effectiveness and visibility of impactful programs are pivotal. At PivotPath, we specialize in crafting strategic communication solutions to elevate the reach and resonance of your initiatives worldwide.

From sustainable development projects to humanitarian aid efforts, international organizations are at the forefront of driving positive change across borders. Our team is dedicated to supporting your mission by enhancing the visibility and communication of your impactful programs, ensuring they are effectively conveyed to diverse audiences.

We understand the significance of showcasing the tangible outcomes of your programs and the need to engage stakeholders across various cultural and linguistic landscapes. Through targeted communication strategies, we aim to amplify the stories of impact, bringing to light the transformative effects of your interventions on individuals and communities.

Whether it’s through compelling storytelling, innovative digital campaigns, or strategic media outreach, we prioritize outcomes that underscore the significance of your work. Partnering with PivotPath means harnessing our expertise to effectively communicate the value of your programs, strengthen partnerships, and inspire action on a global scale. Together, we can empower lasting change and make a meaningful difference in communities worldwide.

We have a record of excellence in client support services. Our wealth of experience gives us a deep understanding of all the needs associated with supporting the government’s missions involving:

Let us help you navigate the complexities of government communication and achieve your objectives with confidence.

PivotPath International and Supranational Clients

European Union & DAI – Promoted Decentralization in Sierra Leone

Targeting six primary districts including Bombali, Falaba, Kambia, Karene, Kenema, and Pujehun, the project successfully fostered citizen-government engagement crucial for social change. Our overarching goal was to design, coordinate, and implement a strategic media, communications, and visibility plan. This plan educated and engaged the public, strategic partners, and international audiences on the EU’s decentralization efforts in Sierra Leone, utilizing communication activities and visibility products with demonstrable impact.

European Union & DAI – Maximized Good Governance in Sierra Leone

With a focus on parliament, the electoral commission, and the public civil service commission, this project successfully enhanced governance in Sierra Leone. Our strategy involved designing, coordinating, and implementing communication and visibility plans to ensure the EU’s achievements were noticed, understood, and embraced by relevant audiences. Through a blend of digital, traditional, and media communications, we amplified the impact of EU-supported Good Governance initiatives in Sierra Leone.

European Union – Increased Visibility for Agro-Tech Grants

Under the Jobs and Growth program, this project successfully increased visibility for the EU’s call for proposals for agro-tech grants. By strategically designing and implementing communication and visibility plans, our goal was to ensure broad awareness and engagement with this funding opportunity. Through targeted digital, traditional, and media communications, we maximized the reach and impact of the EU’s support for agro-tech innovation in Sierra Leone.

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