Municipalities & Universities

Federal agencies and municipalities often speak and market in a foreign tongue when highlighting the success of a community or national initiative. We coin this ‘macro agency talk’.

When relaying important messaging and announcements, municipalities and some universities use a stoic array of statistics, outdated jargon and higher-level terms. Your targeted audience may not understand or connect with this. As a result, your organization may leave citizens and stakeholders left wondering, “How does this impact me?

You miss your target market. Quite often. The amazing work your agencies and universities conduct in our communities often go overlooked and may not resonate with your citizens. But we know why. It is because your organization may have lost sight on how to speak our mother tongue.

This is our love language. We connect with your stakeholders from a compassionate, micro view because we are a one of them.

We translate your big agency talk in a way that does not dilute the message you wish to convey. Our team simplifies it through visual imagery and content that is simple, succinct, and sticks.

Working with PivotPath

Unlike most agencies, at PivotPath, we’re selective about who we work with because when you align with like-minded individuals, there tends to be greater results.

PivotPath partners with government municipalities, universities, small businesses and nonprofits whose mission aligns with our own. By standing by our own mission, we stay true to ourselves, which only enforces why we do what we do.

You might be looking to refresh a long-established brand, or coming to PivotPath with a big idea and a blank slate (we love it when that happens).

At PivotPath, our goal is to draw out critical insights from the five CsClarity, Competition, Context, Customers, and Consistency. These five factors define the territory of opportunity for brand concepts and allows us to define the overall feel of your brand together.

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