Better serve your citizens with impactful communications.

Through the simple, effective use of our shared mother tongue. PivotPath can help you move from statistics to storytelling.

Creating value is our metric. We help you create and maintain more value in more places than you thought possible.

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We help you win buy-in across your organization and the external relationships that matter.

When it comes to governmental communications, the ‘tell and sell’ approach is not as impactful. Audience-centric communications are necessary to provide your residents with a user-driven experience of accessing information. Our PivotPath team develops communications strategies based on the foundation of disseminating your message in a way that relates to your residents, creating a two-way relationship based on trust and transparency.

Brand Identity exists to give your organization a consistent look and feel, no matter the message or medium. Your brand tells stakeholders who you are, your values, how you communicate, and what you want people to feel when they interact with you. It is the personality of your organization. With PivotPath, you will leave an impression on your audience long after your message ends.  

Without market research, it’s impossible to understand your constituents. Our PivotPath detectives gather insights, opinions and feedback from your constituents to allow you to make smart business decisions. We provide surveys, interviews, facilitate focus groups and customer observations.  

While most organizations mainly focus on external communications, here at PivotPath, we believe internal communication is just as important, as your employees are the face of your organization and communicate your brand to your stakeholders. Plus, when employees are engaged, they go above and beyond their job duties to help fulfill the brand promise of your organization.

For external communications, we believe in communicating a transparent government to your stakeholders as it builds trust and positive engagement. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for your citizens about the positive works you are doing in your community.

In the governmental sector, you are always facing the ‘court of public opinion’. We can help you deploy the right messaging to impact the media, consumers, voters and decision makers. We provide strategic communication plans to build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audience. Our PivotPath team seeks out the positive messages and translates those messages into storytelling to advance your objectives. And when the news is bad, we formulate the best response to mitigate the damage.

The key to any great marketing campaign is to find the right balance between traditional (newspaper, print, radio, tv, billboards, bus wraps) and digital (website, email, social, Google Ads, SEM) marketing. Both forms of marketing play an important role in any successful marketing and communications strategy.

The benefit to traditional marketing is that these forms of marketing can be impactful, permanent and memorable. The downside is that it is difficult to measure, is often expensive, and you have no direct interaction with your stakeholder.

While the terms visual and graphic design are often used interchangeably, there are some distinct differences.

Our talented team will delight your senses with appealing graphic designs that communicate your message to your stakeholders through traditional marketing mediums. Our visual designers craft unified images for your brand across digital communication platforms to keep the look of your brand consistent.

Storytelling has been identified as a leading trend in government communications. It is an important tool for disseminating complex issues and relating them back to a person’s interests, values or experience. The PivotPath team believes in telling your story in impactful ways that resonate with your audiences. We offer the potential for significantly enhancing communication between your agency and your stakeholders.

Consumers like to watch more than read—the increasing popularity of video says it all. Videos can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy as it: captures the attention of your stakeholders, increases your search rankings, compliments email marketing campaigns and encourages social sharing. In an overly saturated digital market, video can be a powerful converter and highly impactful to your brand.

A great website experience begins with great design. Our PivotPath team provides website design that improves communication and increases engagement with your constituents. We provide top-notch interactive web design for every budget.

Email marketing is a lower-cost medium that allows you to reach individual customers and create tailored and relevant messaging based on their behaviors, interests, and preferences. Email marketing drives meaningful engagement and provides the behavioral data to help you pivot future campaigns. Email marketing is also easy to integrate with your social and other marketing strategies.

Our PivotPath team has over 20 years of experience in delivering effective email marketing strategies.

Governmental agencies are using social media more than ever before to engage with their citizens to share information and deliver services. Our PivotPath teams know that every interaction counts and provides the social messaging to keep your audience coming back for more. As you’ve heard, content is queen (or king)—and we’re definitely royalty.

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