Our Core Competencies & Expertise

When it comes to communications, the ‘tell and sell’ approach is not as impactful. PivotPath develops communications strategies in a way that resonates to your audiences, creating a two-way relationship based on trust and transparency.

Brand identity exists to give your organization a consistent look and feel, no matter the message or medium. With PivotPath, you will leave an impression on your audience long after your message ends.

Without market research, it’s impossible to understand your audiences. Our PivotPath detectives gather insights, opinions and feedback from your constituents to allow you to make SMART decisions for your organization. 

Our visual designers craft unified images for your brand across communication platforms to keep the look of your brand consistent. We delight your senses with appealing designs that communicate your message to your audiences. 

From online ads to traditional billboards, we reach diverse audiences by developing eye-catching, persuasive pieces to change perspectives, spark action and drive results.

The key to any great marketing campaign is to find the right balance between traditional and digital marketing. Both forms play an important role in any successful communications strategy. 

Leadership and influence are critical drivers of social change. We coach and train our clients on the tools and skills they need to level up their communications programs and delivery. 

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