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We partner with brands across a number of industries to enhance brand reputation and create exciting branding strategies.


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Creating a plan that connects with your purpose and mission is the first step. With our proven track record, success, and experience, PivotPath will work with you to develop a brand strategy that increases your presence and achieves your goals.

In today’s world, it’s about WIIFM, or what’s in it for me? 

People don’t have the time or attention spans they used to have. They don’t want to hear long drawn out messaging about how awesome your company may be. Strategy is having a specific-driven conversation that spells out exactly how your company will help to solve a problem in the lives of those you intend to reach.

How do you define your brand? Is it consistent, engaging and does it drive people to action? Knowing your brand identity, who you are, who you serve or wish to serve, and how you can make their lives easier are the defining aspects of your brand. 

Discovery Zone

PivotPath’s Discovery Zone is a daylong collaborative brand workshop.

Its purpose is to help our clients put together a brand platform that becomes basis of their brand and is used to inform the brand’s marketing and communications activities going forward. 

How you communicate and when you communicate is the framework that will inspire action. At PivotPath, we provide each company with a unique and compelling strategy. 

Connection Is Key

Your brand messaging must be short, clear, and authentic in the digital realm. With so many companies competing for the attention of those you serve, your presence must resonate quickly. That’s why the brands that succeed in digital are the ones that connect emotionally. They create meaningful messages that create long-lasting relationships and loyalty to their brand.

We approach branding in the digital age with four core principles, which we call the 5 Cs:

  • Maintain CLARITY in your branding.
  • Distinguish yourself from your COMPETITION
  • Create compelling CONTENT that connects to your CUSTOMERS or COMMUNITIES.
  • Build CONSISTENCY in your brand

With this method, you will discover how to boost your brand recognition and build a genuine relationship with your client base. By engaging your client base – your audience – with compelling stories, you will turn detached potential leads skimming across your marketing materials into devoted customers who engage, share, and promote your content.

"PivotPath has been great to work with! We have used them for over 1.5 years for a number of projects, including website redesign, email campaigns, brochure redesign, sales calls and much more. Elizabeth and her team meet deadlines and ensure satisfaction. I can highly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future!"

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