Branding & Brand Positioning

With PivotPath, you will leave an impression on your audience long after your message ends.

Brand Identity exists to give your organization a consistent look and feel, no matter the message or medium.

Your brand tells stakeholders who you are, your values, how you communicate, and what you want people to feel when they interact with you.

Our Approach


Research & Analyze

Market Dynamics, Target Audience, Competitors, Areas of Opportunity, Differentiators, etc.


Attract & Resonate

Align visual presentation (logo/, colors, branding, collateral, etc.) with what resonates with key audiences.


Test & Refine

Determine is brand trust, visibility, engagement and awareness are gained by key audiences.

Relevant Work



Through enhanced branding, PivotPath supported GeriatRx’s commitment to providing families with peace of mind through high quality evidence-based medication management for geriatric populations in North Carolina.

Harris Computers

PivotPath assisted with creating a strategic brand narrative, increasing top of mind awareness, and cultivating prospects that resulted in higher sales and visibility.

law enforcement

Core Technology

With PivotPath, Core Technology avoided the cost of trial and error of running their own campaigns, getting their team up to speed, spending time and company resources on maintaining their content consistency.

pivoting paths

Our Communities Stories, Well Told.

Our method has been tested

“Definitely recommend PivotPath and their branding solutions. They have aided me in positioning my company as a leading entity in New Hampshire. Five stars.”
Korey Torres
"An experienced team of professional individuals. We will definitely work with you again. Thanks for a job well done."
Terry Dennis
“PivotPath has been great to work with! We have used them for over 3.5 years for a number of projects, including website redesign, email campaigns, brochure redesign, client relations and much more. The PivotPath team meet deadlines and ensure satisfaction. I can highly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future!”
Katy Gilmore

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