Crisis Communications Management

At PivotPath, we understand the critical importance of effective crisis communication management for agencies and organizations.

Our comprehensive service encompasses proactive planning, swift response, and strategic messaging to navigate challenging situations confidently and resiliently.

Our Approach


Proactive Planning

We work closely with agencies to develop robust crisis communication plans tailored to their unique needs and potential risks. This includes identifying key stakeholders, establishing communication protocols, and outlining escalation procedures to ensure a swift and coordinated response in times of crisis.


Risk Assessment

We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential crisis scenarios and vulnerabilities specific to each agency. By understanding the potential threats and their impact, we can better prepare agencies to effectively mitigate risks and minimize the impact of crises.


Rapid Response

In the event of a crisis, our team is available around the clock to provide immediate support and guidance. We help agencies formulate timely and appropriate responses, draft crisis messages, and disseminate critical information to stakeholders through various channels, including media relations, social media, and internal communications.


Strategic Messaging

We craft clear, consistent, and empathetic messaging that aligns with agencies' values and objectives, while also addressing the concerns of stakeholders and the public. Our goal is to maintain trust and credibility during times of crisis and guide agencies through the process of reputation management and recovery.


Media Relations

Our team has extensive experience in media relations and crisis communication, allowing us to effectively manage media inquiries, interviews, and press conferences on behalf of agencies. We serve as the primary point of contact for media outlets, ensuring accurate and timely dissemination of information while protecting agencies' interests and reputations.


Post Crisis Evaluation

Following the resolution of a crisis, we conduct thorough debriefings and evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the response and identify areas for improvement. By learning from past experiences, we help agencies strengthen their crisis communication capabilities and better prepare for future challenges.

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