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PivotPath creates branding and graphical designs that allows consumers to identify you quickly and clearly.

Most people don’t need to think much about logo design or the visual aspects of branding. That’s precisely what makes them so powerful. Green mermaid and coffeeYellow archesWhite checkmark.

If you thought of StarbucksMcDonald’s and Nike while reading that, you already know the impact a brand’s logo and colors can have on a consumer. One thing these brands have in common is that you don’t need to see their names to know which company they represent.

The most recognizable company logos—and brand identities generally—can evoke a chain of associations and emotions in only a moment. It takes work to get to a point where your brand is recognizable without the company name, but that journey starts with choosing the right colors and creating the right logo for your brand. Think of a favorite brand, and it’s a safe bet that every color, every typeface, every shape, and every line of the branding has been sweated over by both branding agency and client. 

Tell Your Story

Once you know what your company represents, who you serve and what you offer, creating a logo is a breeze. Your logo should represent your overall brand. Our graphic designer works closely with the marketing team to create a logo that says who you are and what you represent. 

A corporate logo can be created as a one-off project. You can spin up a quick style guide in the same way. We’ve done it ourselves for many clients (and we’ve become pretty well-drilled at doing so). 

Your company’s visual representation reflects your target audience. You need to be able to express your brand story not only clearly, but specifically—the more specific the details, the more memorable the story.

Developing this kind of brand story requires a strong brand strategy: Discovery, Storytelling, Connection (Download our free ebook “The Art of Storytelling” to learn more).

Working with PivotPath

The logo and visual identity process begins with an exploratory phase. We curate a range of designs and logo inspirations so we can start a dialogue about what you like, and what you feel best reflects your brand. 

Developing a visual identity is about taking a brand story and translating it into design elements—a process that’s equal parts creative expression and attention to detail. When all of your brand’s design elements are consistent in style and tell your story powerfully, you’re well on your way to a compelling brand that’s a perfect fit for both business and audience.

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