Thought Leadership & Training

Leadership and influence are critical drivers of social change. 

From drafting and placing op-eds, to speechwriting, to finding keynote and panel speaking opportunities, we ensure organizations’ voices reach the right audiences at the right time.

We coach and train our clients on the tools and skills they need to level up their communications programs and delivery. We lead engaging, interactive training sessions to help executives and teams build confidence and expertise in media relations, public speaking, strategic messaging, digital tools, advocacy and so much more.

Our Approach


Define Strengths

Determine your areas of expertise and align your strengths with your audiences' needs.


Develop Content

Craft and design content that positions your organization as an industry expert: Curriculums, Training Materials, Webinars, Whiteppaers, Speaking Engagements


Launch & Cultivate

Strategically cultivate relationships to promote your expertise;

Relevant Work

LaunchPad Africa Business Accelerator

PivotPath created and designed the 16-module curricula, toolkits, TORs, and respective training materials for each module for the piloted business accelerator program.


Suffolk County Campaign Finance Board

PivotPath provides talking points, public speaking guidance and partnership cultivation plans to increase the visibility and communications of Suffolk County’s campaign matching fund program.


Gwinnett County Government

The PivotPath team developed an strategic interactive public engagement plan for commissioner/constituent feedback.

pivoting paths

Our Communities Stories, Well Told.

Our method has been tested

“It was a pleasure working with PivotPath. They took a real interest in our business objectives gathering necessary data and re-purposing it in an actionable plan. We were pleased and impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism.”
Korey Torres
"The PivotPath team was instrumental in ensuring we had a go-to-market package for both internal and external use. They were very professional, met deadlines and exceeded our expectations. Their team of young professionals were not afraid to be innovative in their approach and work with our team to collaboratively meet our goals. They have a keen eye for details and demonstrated high level skills in digital marketing that helped bring our vision to life using a mix of creative design tools and messaging that speaks to our clientele base."
Katy Gilmore
"As a municipality, we know the importance of reaching your residents, visitors, and strategic partners. I recommend PivotPath for strategic communications through which the team can contribute their remarkable creativity and dedication."
Terry Dennis

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