Real Estate Business Solutions

International Real Estate companies must outshine the competition. PivotPath helped Real Estate Business Solutions (REBS) make lasting impressions.

The Results:

PivotPath helped REBS establish a brand identity and voice that is memorable, made them visible among the competition and provided leads for future clients.


Real Estate Business Solutions (REBS) needed a branding strategy to build credibility and visibility to set them apart in an already inundated marketplace.



About the Client:

REBS is a new real estate company located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.



The Challenge:

Real estate branding defines who a company is and why people do business with them. In any market, nationally or internationally, the number of real estate companies is vast, thus making name recognition invaluable, especially for a new and upcoming company.


The Solution:

PivotPath developed a branding strategy for REBS that included logo design and branding guidelines. Through the strategy development process we helped REBS develop their mission statement, scope of capabilities, define the competition, identify ideal customers (targeted audience), and develop a vision for the future. This strategy-building phase set the direction for the design work to come.



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